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Medicare takes $4.5B cost hit from superstar hep C treatments

Industry watchers knew Medicare would be shelling out a whole lot more on hepatitis C treatments last year, thanks to new-and-improved drugs. But just how much more did it cough up?

Teva finally joins the M&A fray with $3.2B Auspex buyout

Teva has been sitting on the sidelines for more than a year as its peers jumped head-first into a biopharma deal bonanza. But no longer: The Israeli company struck a $3.2 billion agreement to buy Auspex Pharmaceuticals, which will finally put it back onto the M&A map. And it's zeroing in on more deal targets, analysts say.

Pfizer's Lyrica patent fight in England puts NHS docs, pharmacists on defensive

Talk about unintended consequences of a patent ruling. Pfizer's unprecedented effort to fight Lyrica copies in England has doctors and pharmacists squabbling, and the National Health Service stepping in to keep the peace.

Horizon scoops up Hyperion and its rare disease portfolio for $1.1B

Ireland-based Horizon Pharma snatched up Hyperion Therapeutics for $1.1 billion to get its hands on the company's rare disease meds, diversifying its portfolio and expanding its footprint in the orphan drug market.

Gilead's huge Sovaldi payoff yields a nice 23% pay hike for CEO

For several years, Gilead Sciences CEO John Martin has collected annual compensation worth about $15 million and his stock gains since 2009 run into the hundreds of millions. But for a record-smashing year that vaulted his company into the ranks of the global top 10, Martin snared a comparatively small payoff in 2015.


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FiercePharma Manufacturing

Japan's Fujifilm, which snapped up a Texas vaccine manufacturer late last year, says it will pay more than $300 million for a Wisconsin company which has a platform for large-scale human cell production, including a kind of stem cells being used in some promising drug research.

FiercePharma Manufacturing

A Sanofi Pasteur facility that was sidelined for more than two years after the FDA discovered mold problems is again producing the bladder cancer drug ImmuCyst/TheraCys, Sanofi's BCG vaccine for tuberculosis, which disappeared from the market after Sanofi shut the plant to do upgrades.