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Cipla petitions India to revoke Novartis respiratory drug patents, launches low-cost version of drug

Amid growing discontent from Big Pharma companies over India's patent-busting policies, generics maker Cipla is petitioning the country's government to revoke 5 patents for Novartis' respiratory drug Indacterol and is launching a low-cost version of the product to boost local access.


Express Scripts ready to favor AbbVie hep C prospect--provided it undercuts Gilead

Express Scripts--which has made its feelings well known when it comes to the high cost of Gilead's next-gen hepatitis C drugs--says it may quickly change its preferred drug formulary to favor a anticipated challenger from the Illinois company, Reuters reports, provided it's clinically equivalent--and less expensive, of course.

Boehringer gets NICE nod for Pradaxa for DVT/PE in U.K.

Boehringer Ingelheim has completed a trifecta of approvals for its blood thinner Pradaxa for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The U.K. cost watchdog NICE has now given it a thumbs up after the FDA and the European regulators did the same thing this year.

Impax cuts nearly 50 employees to save money

Impax Laboratories, which has struggled for several years to get its Parkinson's drug Rytary to market, is moving away from early-stage research and has cut its R&D staff by 42 jobs, a 25% reduction to save money.

CEO-hunting Sanofi tried to tempt AstraZeneca's Soriot: Bloomberg

Bernstein analyst Tim Anderson figures Sanofi would do well to look outside the company for its new CEO, like AstraZeneca did with its new-ish chief, Pascal Soriot. Well, Sanofi had a more literal view: The French drugmaker has contacted Soriot himself.