The Trump administration is considering a far-outside-the-box candidate to lead the FDA in tech capitalist Jim O’Neill, Bloomberg reports.

Any drugmakers still thinking they got off easy when Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election may want to think again.

Celgene’s breast cancer med Abraxane turned up “encouraging” results in a chemo-combo trial. But that’s as far as the research will go.

Amgen’s betting it can raise awareness of multiple myeloma by sharing stories—and to do so, it’s enlisting the pros.

Newly bulked up by M&A, Mylan plans to cut a chunk of its workforce—perhaps up to 3,500 jobs—as it moves to retrench and refocus.

The U.K. government slapped Pfizer with a record price-gouging fine for triggering a 2,600% price increase on an epilepsy drug.

People with diabetes are waiting too long to discuss vision problems with their doctors, according to a new study funded by Bayer.

Tech billionaire Sean Parker’s startup Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy has paired with the legacy Cancer Research Institute to advance development of…