Cyndi Lauper is back to star in another round of Novartis’ Cosentyx marketing. The '80s pop icon appears with two real-life patients in a new TV spot.

Corning, with input from Pfizer and Merck, intends to build a $500 million plant in the U.S. to produce a new pharma glass.

Takeda is relocating hundreds of jobs, a key Velcade patent was restored till 2022, 36 drugs were added to China's insurance drug list after huge…

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot is publicly keeping silent on last week’s report that he was bound for Teva. But not so, inside the company.

Amid plenty of CEO speculation, Teva got some good news Thursday on the respiratory front.

Merck & Co. nabbed tentative FDA approval for its Lantus copy, Lusduna, which would be the second follow-on challenger to the Sanofi blockbuster.

Purdue, which has been fending off lawsuits over pain drug OxyContin in the U.S., may have to face off against Canada’s federal government.

Puma reportedly set a price of $126,000 per year for its brand-new breast cancer drug Nerlynx—and analysts are hiking sales forecasts because of it.

Shire fought hard to stop it, but no dice: CSL has now launched its hereditary angioedema med Haegarda—and at a big discount, too.

Not only is Merck’s Keytruda still grabbing market share from Bristol-Myers Squibb archrival Opdivo, but it’s picked up the pace, too.