After years of going it alone in investigating opioid drugmakers, attorneys general across the U.S. are joining forces to drill into painkiller marketing…

After years of being recruited, pro athlete Deion Sanders is doing some recruiting of his own—for Botox.

Kåre Schultz has yet to take over at beleaguered Teva, but he is already getting advice on what to do from some of this investors.

Catalent has agreed to pay $950 million to buy Cook Pharmica and its extensive biologics manufacturing operation in Bloomington, Indiana.

Bracing for generic rivals to its top-selling Advair—and looking to fill the sales gap—GSK nabbed FDA approval for its new respiratory med, Trelegy.

Johnson & Johnson and a U.S. development agency are zeroing in on pandemic flu in a novel deal focusing on vaccine and flu drug candidates.

Finn is creating a platform where pharma clients can build on their emerging goals for corporate social responsibility.

Sanofi and Regeneron, whose Dupixent peak sales are expected to exceed $4 billion, reported new data to help get it there sooner rather than later.