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AstraZeneca and Cephalon pony up $50M+ to settle Medicaid pricing claims

AstraZeneca and Teva Pharmaceutical's Cephalon are forking over more than $50 million to settle claims by the U.S. government that the companies underpaid rebates owed through Medicaid prescription drug programs, the latest chapter in the Department of Justice's crackdown on Medicaid and Medicare fraud.

UPDATED: Horizon targets Depomed's pain portfolio with $3B hostile bid

Last week, analysts pointed out that Horizon Pharma had plenty of potential buyouts to choose from, unlike bigger companies looking for bigger deals. Now, the $5 billion market-cap company has zeroed in on a target: Depomed, the pain drug specialist.

Mylan didn't disclose director's ties to HQ land deal: WSJ

Back in late 2013, Mylan moved into a new headquarters in an office park near Pittsburgh--a 5-story building for about 700 employees.

Doctor faces sentencing for 'over the top' cancer drug dosing

A Detroit doctor used a "beyond aggressive" approach to cancer treatment to reap millions in drug reimbursements, an expert witness said as the oncologist's criminal trial opened Monday.

Celgene throws down millions to snag prime airtime for its psoriasis-fighter

As the market for psoriasis meds heats up, companies are throwing down some hefty chunks of change to snag airtime for their TV spots.


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A research team at Massachusetts General Hospital has developed a lightweight, portable system that produces nitric oxide from the air by means of electric spark.


Chinese medical device player Mindray Medical was down 7% in early trading on the news that it would acquire the remaining stake of orthopedics player Wuhan Dragonbio Surgical Implant Co. Mindray first gained a controlling stake in Dragonbio for $35.5 million in 2012. Investors may be taking the deal as a sign that a June take-private offer is now off the table. The deal is slated to close this month.