Sanofi is reportedly putting its newly bulked-up consumer healthcare media buying account into play.

#FierceMadness' DTC shootout narrows to eight this weekend as hope beating fear. Voting for Final Four begins today.

Pfizer and Merck KGaA are officially fourth to market with their checkpoint inhibitor avelumab—but first with to target a rare, aggressive form of skin cancer.

U.S. government watchdogs plan to probe the FDA's orphan drug policies after Marathon's high-profile pricing scandal.

In 2016, many pharma marketers embraced disease awareness and charitable causes to drive better consumer engagement across social networks, according to a new…

The fast and furious two-day Round 2 match-ups carved the pharma ad field down to 16, with disease awareness emerging as a winning theme.

It looks like we might be in for another big patent brawl between Sanofi and Regeneron on one side and Amgen on the other.

Thanks to the FDA, competition for Valeant's lead drug may be on its way sooner than the embattled drugmaker would like.