AstraZeneca wants asthma patients to know their treatment plans should be as unique and specific as their fingerprints. Its solution? Lungprint.

Keytruda has built up an imposing lead in the I-O lung cancer space, and Merck is touting more positive survival data to keep that lead intact.

Outcome Health went into crisis mode after a Wall Street Journal article said the fast-growing pharma services company had misled its advertisers.

FDA reviewers flagged data on cardiovascular benefits—and potential eye risks—posed by Novo Nordisk's semaglutide, up for approval later this year.

Sugarpod, a voice-enabled diabetes plan that uses Amazon's Alexa to help people complete daily tasks by speaking, won Merck’s tech challenge.

J&J’s Stelara has plenty of new competition in the adult psoriasis market, so it’s gone where many of its rivals haven’t: the adolescent population.

When it comes to payer marketing, the people pharma want to reach are digital-savvy researchers who prefer to get info online, new research has found.

How many prescriptions does it take to find the right antidepressant? J&J's Healthy Minds video series tackles that question.

Veterans are far more likely to have hepatitis C, and Merck—which makes the antiviral therapy Zepatier—wants to make sure they know that.

Eli Lilly is counting on psoriasis med Taltz to drive U.S. volume growth. But lately, that growth has stalled.