Shingrix met its goal in a study examining whether it can protect older adults who previously received Merck’s Zostavax.

The EU's highest court ruled that EU national courts don't need scientific proof to consider a vaccine as defect.

Declining sales of Prevnar have urged Pfizer to seek compensation elsewhere, including a vaccine against Group B streptococcus.

BiondVax secured a €20 million loan from the European Investment Bank to advance its universal flu vaccine candidate.

Scientists at the University of Maryland, hoping to fill the hepatitis vaccine void, have secured funding from the NIH to work on a new candidate.

Norwegian biotech Targovax has raised about €21 million in a private placement.

A new U.S. study shows that Merck's Ebola vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV offers protection that can last for at least a year.

Merck & Co. may not be number one with a bullet in vaccines, but CEO Ken Frazier says the unit shouldn't be underestimated.