Sanaria’s malaria vaccine posted more positive clinical data, but a notable gap compared with results from U.S. studies calls for regimen improvements.

President Trump told Robert Kennedy Jr. he won't "back down" from plans to create vax safety commission, despite guaranteed "uproar"…

MSF took to social media on Valentine’s Day to call for further pneumonia vaccine price reductions in developing countries.

More than 350 pro-vaccine groups expressed their “unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines” to the seemingly skeptical President Donald Trump.

In spite of trouble picking up steam with its first-of-a-kind dengue shot, Sanofi’s vaccines unit chipped in with 8.8% growth on the year.

Gardasil could see some trouble in the U.S. this year, Merck is advising.

A Zika vaccine safe enough for women of childbearing age may still not be available before 2020, the World Health Organization estimated.

Galena is finally getting some good news for its breast cancer vaccine NeuVax, as two trials combining it with Herceptin passed futility tests.

A new survey documents strong support by Americans that the benefits of childhood immunizations outweigh any potential risks.