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Latest Headlines

GlaxoSmithKline steps up bribery probes, eyeing potential violations in 9 Middle Eastern countries

GlaxoSmithKline has added two more countries to its bribery-investigation list. The U.K.-based drugmaker now says it faces probes in Jordan and Lebanon, in addition to recently announced investigations in Iraq and Poland.

FDA defends itself against accusations its email snooping broke whistleblower laws

During a week in which The Guardian revealed that Britain intercepted and stored webcam images from millions of people, the FDA email snooping revealed in 2012 looks relatively innocent. But Republicans investigating the program think the regulator may have violated whistleblower laws by monitoring employees' emails.

FDA spying may have broken whistleblower laws, congressional probe finds

Two years after press reports revealed that the FDA was extensively monitoring communications by some of its employees, a congressional committee has announced its verdict: The agency overstepped its authority--and may have broken laws meant to protect whistleblowers.

Congressional report slams FDA's treatment of employees who disclosed device approval concerns

The FDA may have gone too far and violated federal law when it chose to monitor 6 scientists who made public their safety concerns about medical devices approved at the agency, a congressional investigation has concluded.

Endo's off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: 'Put the patch where the pain is'

For former Endo sales rep Peggy Ryan, the pivotal moment came about three years into her employment with the Malvern, PA-based company. She was at a national meeting, where the topic of discussion was how to distribute off-label studies in an unsolicited way, she says.

Judge rules whistle-blower awards must be taxed as ordinary income

A case involving a medical device company led to a U.S. Tax Court decision determining that whistle-blower awards must be taxed as ordinary income.

J&J whistleblowers to collect record $168M share of DoJ settlement

After a big U.S. Justice Department settlement--after the speeches, the press releases, the commentary--attention invariably turns to the people who first blew the whistle. It's no different in the case of Johnson & Johnson, which this week announced a $2.2 billion settlement and misdemeanor plea in a longstanding probe of its Risperdal marketing.

Report: Feds get big 'bang for the buck' in fighting pharma fraud

The latest report on healthcare fraud settlements is out, this time from Taxpayers Against Fraud. And this time, as usual, Big Pharma features prominently. The anti-fraud group regularly totes up whistleblower settlements with federal and state governments, and we all know that drugmaker payments account for billions.

Whistleblower: Lilly spent $4.9M bribing Chinese docs to prescribe diabetes meds

Another Chinese whistleblower has targeted Big Pharma. This time, the bribery allegations involve Eli Lilly, and 30 million yuan in purported kickbacks to Chinese doctors. That's about $4.9 million, or 1% of the amount GlaxoSmithKline allegedly spread around, but if the previous pattern holds, China's government watchdogs will officially follow up on the media report.

China sales rep says Novartis ordered her to bribe doctors

Big Pharma, beware of your former (and possibly current) employees in China. Novartis is the latest drugmaker to be fingered for bribery by an anonymous whistleblower, just a few days after Sanofi got the same treatment. And Chinese officials say they're stepping up their pharma investigation even further.