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Latest Headlines

J&J chalks up a win in first Tylenol liver-damage case to go to trial

Johnson & Johnson scored a victory in the first case to go to trial over claims that its blockbuster painkiller Tylenol causes liver damage and its dosing doesn't adequately account for the risk. A New Jersey jury ruled that the plaintiff did not prove that she took the painkiller.

J&J faces Tylenol lobbying allegations in first case to go to trial over med

New court documents in the first trial over claims that Johnson & Johnson promoted its blockbuster painkiller, Tylenol, without disclosing potentially dangerous side effects show that J&J's McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit planned to lobby government officials to prevent the FDA from implementing safety restrictions, ProPublica reports.

J&J's new fixer turns consumer division back into a profit center

For years Johnson & Johnson's consumer unit was an embarrassment to CEO Alex Gorsky. Instead of being able to point to its contribution to quarterly results, he instead found himself explaining recalls of key products like Tylenol and the unit's drag on earnings. But a turnaround is at hand, with the unit turning in 2.4% growth in sales in Q2, driven by a 9% increase in over-the-counter drugs.

J&J, Pfizer in tug-of-war over ads for Infants' Advil

Back in 1989, a court order limited advertising claims for Advil, now owned by Pfizer. But does that order extend to Infants' Advil, which didn't exist at the time? Rival Johnson & Johnson says yes--and it's forced Pfizer to pull one of its ads for that very reason.

J&J, Amazon fight shows supply-chain weakness in online sales

Consumers who purchase over-the-counter products like Tylenol online sometimes receive items that are expired, defective, or even counterfeit. Now Johnson & Johnson and Amazon are in a fight over how much the online giant should be doing to keep that from happening.

J&J follows up on pledge to add warning to Tylenol bottle caps

The FDA has pushed makers of the nonaspirin pain reliever acetaminophen to do more to warn consumers about the dangers of the drug when taken in high doses. J&J is now adding warnings to Tylenol bottle caps in response.

Pfizer, Merck, J&J all close books on some lawsuits

It has been a week of conciliation among some of the Big Pharma players, with Pfizer settling more Chantix litigation, Merck closing out some Vioxx lawsuits and Johnson & Johnson coming to terms with shareholders angered over its handling of Tylenol recalls.

J&J consumer healthcare faces more issues, this time in Brazil

Johnson & Johnson just can't seem to get its consumer health manufacturing in order.

J&J issue in South Korea reminiscent of OTC problems here

Drugmakers hope to export their success to emerging markets so they can reap big rewards, but Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit appears to have taken a backward approach in South Korea, where it is in hot water over a recall of Children's Tylenol products.

J&J consent decree cost felt at the pharmacy

Johnson & Johnson, whose McNeil Consumer Healthcare is operating under an FDA consent decree, is taking a sales hit this flu season as consumers go to some pharmacies and find few or no Tylenol products on the shelves.