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Latest Headlines

Teva expands recall of cancer drug Adrucil

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries voluntarily recalled 8 lots of a cancer drug a couple of months ago after rubber particles were found in some containers. Now the generics maker says the problem is more widespread than it first thought and more units will need to be retrieved.

Novartis off to scorching start with Copaxone generic Glatopa

It's still very early going for Momenta and Sandoz' Glatopa, the generic of Teva's multiple sclerosis star Copaxone. But if the current trend continues, the newcomer could be following in the footsteps of some pretty impressive launches.

Natco eyes U.S. FDA green light for Copaxone generic sales

India's Natco Pharma said all it needs is the approval from the U.S. FDA to launch a generic version of Teva's Copaxone and put it on track to compete with versions from Sandoz, Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Mylan.

It's Teva vs. Momenta/Sandoz for Copaxone patients, with Mylan's version MIA

On Thursday, Momenta and Novartis' Sandoz launched their copy of Teva blockbuster Copaxone after a U.S. court nixed the multiple sclerosis drug's patent for the second time. Industry watchers largely expected the move, Bernstein's Ronny Gal wrote in a note to clients. The real question? When Mylan will enter the market with its own copy.

Teva builds its Mylan stake in effort toward becoming generics colossus

Teva is upping its pressure on takeover target Mylan as the world's largest generics maker continues its march toward turning itself into a generics colossus.

High-profile Huntington's disease film scores on social media, but where was pharma?

HBO premiered an award-winning short documentary about Huntington's disease, a rare, hereditary neurological malady, on Monday night. The film follows actress and filmmaker Marianne Palka as she finds out the results of her genetic test. If someone has a parent with the disease as she did, they have a 50/50 chance of getting the disease. The missing voice? Pharma.

Teva recalls generic Prozac made by Croatian subsidiary Pliva

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' Croatia-based operating unit Pliva manufactures in Eastern Europe but supplies some of Teva's drugs for the U.S. market. Among those drugs is fluoxetine, a generic version of the antidepressants Sarafem and Prozac, and Teva is having to recall three lots of the product made by Pliva because of contamination.

Teva recalls cancer drug Adrucil after rubber particles discovered in vials

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is voluntarily recalling 8 lots of Adrucil, its version of the generic cancer treatment fluorouracil. The drugmaker said the recall was initiated after particulate was found in some vials that it identified as an aggregate of silicone rubber pieces from a filler diaphragm and fluorouracil crystals. 

Drug shortages become issue in Teva and Mylan hook-up

Of the 31 drugs shortages listed in the last couple of months, Mylan was a producer of 9 of them and Teva of 5 and in two cases, they both produced the same drug, the supplies of which were limited in some fashion. And if Teva is able to convince Mylan to join forces, this kind of information will be crucial to a review by antitrust regulators.

Report: Supply chain efficiency can boost both top- and bottom-line results

Pharma puts so much emphasis on top line that drugmakers give scant consideration to what their supply chains are costing them. But a new report suggests that making a supply chain more efficient is not only going to save costs, but it will also help drive greater sales.