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Latest Headlines

Novartis off to scorching start with Copaxone generic Glatopa

It's still very early going for Momenta and Sandoz' Glatopa, the generic of Teva's multiple sclerosis star Copaxone. But if the current trend continues, the newcomer could be following in the footsteps of some pretty impressive launches.

Natco eyes U.S. FDA green light for Copaxone generic sales

India's Natco Pharma said all it needs is the approval from the U.S. FDA to launch a generic version of Teva's Copaxone and put it on track to compete with versions from Sandoz, Momenta Pharmaceuticals and Mylan.

It's Teva vs. Momenta/Sandoz for Copaxone patients, with Mylan's version MIA

On Thursday, Momenta and Novartis' Sandoz launched their copy of Teva blockbuster Copaxone after a U.S. court nixed the multiple sclerosis drug's patent for the second time. Industry watchers largely expected the move, Bernstein's Ronny Gal wrote in a note to clients. The real question? When Mylan will enter the market with its own copy.

High-profile Huntington's disease film scores on social media, but where was pharma?

HBO premiered an award-winning short documentary about Huntington's disease, a rare, hereditary neurological malady, on Monday night. The film follows actress and filmmaker Marianne Palka as she finds out the results of her genetic test. If someone has a parent with the disease as she did, they have a 50/50 chance of getting the disease. The missing voice? Pharma.

Teva used kickbacks to boost Copaxone, Azilect scripts, whistleblowers say

After scouring Teva Pharmaceutical for potential marketing and kickback violations for more than a year, the U.S. Justice Department decided not to join up with whistleblowers suing the company. But the two former sales reps are persisting with civil claims that the Israel-based drugmaker used kickbacks, disguised as speaking fees, to persuade doctors to boost prescriptions of its multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone and Parkinson's med Azilect.

Teva goes analog for asthma with hands-on waiting-room game

With patients more and more frequently turning to digital channels for their health information, many drugmakers are headed that direction with their marketing, too. But when looking at how to market Teva's QVAR inhalation aerosol, the Israeli company, in conjunction with Merkley + Partners, asked an important question.

Teva eyes 'hard switch' to hit Copaxone goals if the soft sell isn't enough

Teva's long-acting version of multiple sclerosis treatment Copaxone has surpassed most analysts' expectations. But as competition to the original looms, will Teva consider discontinuing off-patent Copaxone to push patients toward the protected version in a quest to maintain market share? The short answer: Yes, but not just yet.

UPDATED: Teva's years of Copaxone brand-building pay off in new formula's launch

Teva has achieved the fastest market adoption of any MS therapy in the United States. That's no accident, John Hassler, VP of marketing for Teva's central nervous system division, told FiercePharmaMarketing. It's the result of more than 18 years of building brand loyalty--a job for which the company was recognized last week.

10 big brands keep pumping out big bucks, with a little help from price hikes

Thanks to a steady flow of expensive new cancer therapies--and a public brouhaha over the cost of next-gen treatments for hepatitis C--drug prices are on center stage. We thought we'd look into the products whose prices have increased the most since 2007, to see how and why their prices are leaping.