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Latest Headlines

Children's blood infections lead Teva to halt production of IV solution

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, which in April had to recall a children's growth hormone, has now halted production of a parenteral nutrition product as the authorities try to determine why 9 children in Israel developed blood infections after taking it.

Teva rebel investor Landa's gearing up for a proxy fight--and he can win, he says

Rebel investor Benny Landa has already won some of his demands from Teva's leadership, including a smaller board with more pharma experience. Now, he's angling for more boardroom changes--and if Teva won't make them, he says, he will.

Teva's picked its next chairman, rebel investor Landa says--and he's not in favor

Controversial Teva chairman Phillip Frost may not be leaving until the end of this year, but the company already has its next chairman lined up. That's according to one of the company's activist investors. And he doesn't much like its pick.

EU's third pay-for-delay action nails Servier, Teva, Mylan and others

European regulators are getting the hang of levying pay-for-delay penalties, rolling up 6 companies in its latest action and fining them more than half a billion dollars in the process.

Teva trots out genetics in new petition against Copaxone copies

Teva just won't give up on delaying generic Copaxone. Its latest tactic: filing a citizen petition with the FDA to once again push for full-scale, placebo-controlled clinical trials for all copies of its multiple sclerosis med.

Teva growth hormone for children recalled after oil leaks into product

Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, in the midst of restructuring its manufacturing network, has faced a number of recalls of late. Now a New Jersey company is recalling nearly 130,000 cartons of Teva's human growth hormone for children because there is a chance that oil leaked into it.

Controversial Teva chairman bows out as board revamp continues

In January, Teva chairman Dr. Phillip Frost promised some changes to the company's board in response to investor pressure. But it wasn't until Wednesday that he announced his own exit would be among them.

Chicago sues J&J, Purdue, Endo, Actavis, Teva over opioid marketing

In the wake of a lawsuit brought by two California counties against five manufacturers of prescription painkillers, the city of Chicago has filed a suit of its own. Chicago is suing the same five pharma companies--alleging, much like California does, that they overstated the benefits of opioid painkillers while deceiving the public about the risks.

Teva, Mylan begin their generic takedown of Pfizer's $2.9B-a-year Celebrex

In March, a U.S. court struck down a key patent for Pfizer's Celebrex, suddenly opening the drug up to copycat rivals. Now, that competition has arrived as the FDA gave the green light to Celebrex copies from Teva Pharmaceutical and Mylan.

Teva and Active Biotech not giving up on EU-spurned MS treatment

The EU's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) is sticking to its opinion to recommend against approval of Teva and Active Biotech's MS drug Nerventra. But the companies aren't giving up, announcing Friday that they remain committed to the clinical development program and plan to evaluate CHMP's feedback before they plot out their next steps.