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Latest Headlines

Forget Pfizer and Allergan, Teva is the pharma getting the most market love these days

All of the market buzz may center on Pfizer's $160 billion tax inversion deal to buy Allergan, but Teva Pharmaceuticals is really getting the market love.

Teva goes for laughs in new social media campaign for COPD

Teva is gearing up for a social media shoutout as part of its latest education push for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), kicking of a campaign called "#Laugh4Lungs" to get the word out about the disease and spur some healthy laughs along the way.

Teva teams up with University College London for brain imaging study

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has been taking a deeper dive into med tech this past year, teaming up with industry heavyweight Royal Philips to open a new med tech incubator in Israel. Now the Israeli pharma is forging ahead with another tech initiative, teaming up with University College London for a brain-imaging study to uncover biomarkers for neurodegenerative disease.

Dealmaking drugmakers 'blacklist' investors to fend off activists

With pharma M&A growing at a steady clip, pressure from activist shareholders is also reaching new heights. But drugmakers have a few tricks up their sleeve for warding off the unwanted attention, including blacklisting firms to prevent them from taking a stake in the company once a deal goes through.

Analysts improve outlook for Teva's Copaxone as it shakes off Novartis competition

Teva did everything in its power to block generic copies of lead drug Copaxone from hitting the market. But now that one is here--Novartis' Glatopa--the Israeli drugmaker's giant is faring better than industry watchers expected.

UPDATED: Chicago makes second run at Allergan, J&J, Purdue and others with painkiller lawsuit

Opioid makers thought they had dodged a litigation bullet 6 months ago when a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the City of Chicago trying to hold them accountable for an "epidemic" of painkiller, and even heroin, abuse. But the city is being tenacious and has refiled lawsuits claiming 6 drugmakers overstated the claims of the drugs' benefits while downplaying their risks.

Express Scripts looks into pharmacies at AbbVie, Teva in wake of Valeant's Philidor saga

Valeant may be through with specialty pharmacy Philidor, which CVS;and Express Scripts dropped from their networks last week on questions about its business practices. But other companies still maintain relationships with specialty pharmacies, and Express Scripts now says it's reviewing those, too.

It's open season for Mylan's EpiPen as Sanofi, Teva stumble

Last week, Sanofi pulled the main competitor to Mylan's Epipen--Auvi-Q--from the market on concerns that the pens might be delivering inaccurate doses.

Sanofi's Auvi-Q recall puts Mylan's rival EpiPen in full control of blockbuster market

Mylan may have just caught a big break. Sanofi pulled the main competitor for Epipen--Auvi-Q--from the market, a turn of events that should keep Mylan dominating the epinephrine injection field.

Teva mulls $7B stock offering to help fund Allergan generics buy

Teva's $40.5 billion deal for Allergan's generics company is going to help Allergan pay down much of its dealmaking debt. But in the meantime, the Israeli pharma needs some acquisition money of its own--and it's reportedly planning to raise as much as $7 billion this year to help fund the transaction.