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Latest Headlines

Advera Health: Novartis, GSK asthma meds linked to more side effects than Merck drugs

Bestselling asthma drugs from Novartis and respiratory behemoth GlaxoSmithKline are also showing more adverse events in post-marketing safety data than competing products from Merck, according to a new report, potentially presenting issues further down the line as companies duke it out for market share.

Merck proposal to sell Singulair without a prescription hits resistance

Most drugmakers can only watch wistfully as sales of blockbusters fade into the horizon when generics come online. Merck had hoped to keep the memory of asthma drug Singulair's former stature alive by turning it into an over-the-counter (OTC) product. But an FDA panel of experts thinks that is too risky for consumers.

Merck sales slump again, but cost cuts keep earnings coming

On the Big Pharma scorecard, Merck remains on a downward slide. Yes, third-quarter earnings beat estimates, but expectations were low, and it was cost-cutting that delivered the day. And though the Singulair drag on Merck's top line is easing up a bit--pulling overall sales back by 4%, rather than 9% in the first quarter--the Januvia malaise continues.

Merck to build biologics research facility in New Jersey where plant will close

The company has sent notices to 113 employees who will be let go when the plant closes in October. The drugmaker put the plant in Kenilworth on the hit list a couple years ago as it began consolidating facilities after its 2009, $41 billion buyout of Schering-Plough.

Suffering from generic onslaught, Merck cuts sales forecast

Merck cut its sales forecast and posted a 50% drop in quarterly earnings as it continues to absorb major hits to its once-blockbuster Singulair. The fact that profits beat analyst expectations says as much about those expectations as it does about Merck's performance for the quarter.

Merck to buy $5B in stock from Goldman Sachs in jump-start for repurchase plan

Generic competition, sales woes and R&D disappointments have put revenue on the decline and Merck in hot water, with the pharma giant earlier this month promising to buy back as much as $15 billion in shares. And yesterday, the company started in on a big chunk of that buyback, inking a deal to buy $5 billion of its own shares from Goldman Sachs.

Merck Union workers continue to negotiate

Union President Mark "Isy" Snyder recently informed workers that the company would like to go to 12-hour shifts since some processes take longer than 8 hours.

Merck has to trim outlook as pipeline poops out

Merck CEO Kenneth C. Frazier today had to give shareholders the bad news and then he had to follow that up with the really bad news.

Patent Cliff II: Nightmare on blockbuster street returns in 2015

Today's look at AstraZeneca's ($AZN) bleak 2012 numbers highlights the market-crunching wallop many of the world's biggest pharma companies have suffered as megablockbusters like Plavix and Singulair have gone off patent. But a new analysis from EvaluatePharma concludes that the industry giants will have almost as much at stake again when the 2015 patent cliff arrives.

U.S. branded sales to end 2012 with 3.5% decline

By the time the ball drops in Times Square this year, branded drug sales will have dropped 3.5%. So says a new report on U.S. spending, which pegs this year's decline at that rate--and forecasts an annual decline of 2.6%, on average, over the next several years.