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Latest Headlines

Sanofi plant in London set to close by end of month

A Sanofi plant in London that has been slated for closure has manufactured its last batch of drugs. Its equipment will be pulled out and moved to plants in Germany and Italy, and most of its 450 workers are set to lose their jobs by the end of the month.

AZ's Nexium tops Q2 sales ranks, with BMS' Abilify on its heels

Now that Plavix and Lipitor are down for the count, AstraZeneca's Nexium is the reigning heavyweight drug champion. According to Drugs.com, the stomach drug outsold all other branded drugs during the second quarter, with $1.38 billion in revenues. But Nexium's dominance could be short-lived.

Co-pay coupons lifted Lipitor. Can they defend Diovan?

Pfizer's success with co-pay coupons has encouraged other blockbuster-losing Big Pharmas to follow suit. Have the others been able to replicate Pfizer's experience? Yes and no, according to the Associated Press.

Takeda's Actos era ends with generic launches

It's not a megabrand like Lipitor or Plavix, but the diabetes drug Actos has brought in more than $3 billion in U.S. sales at its peak, more than $16 billion total since its release in 1999. And now, it has generic competition. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, watch your back.

Merck's Singulair surrenders to generics posse

They're playing a dirge at Merck today, for their blockbuster asthma-and-allergy drug Singulair. The FDA approved a host of generic competitors Friday. So, today, the decline begins--and it's likely to be swift.

Sanofi job-cutting plans upstage sales strength

Sanofi's earnings are a half-full, half-empty situation. Yes, the company beat analyst expectations, but analyst expectations were low to begin with.

Generics take a billion-dollar bite from Bristol-Myers sales

If today's pharma sales reports look grim, none is so grim as Bristol-Myers Squibb's. The company's loss of exclusivity on its top-selling drug Plavix helped push U.S. sales down by 27%.

Plavix tops U.S. sales ranks, but not for long

Leave it to a patent expiration to trigger musical chairs at the top of pharma sales rankings. Plavix is now the biggest-selling drug in the U.S., after stealing the crown from Pfizer's newly off-patent Lipitor, PM Live reports.

Sanofi plant adds 40 to produce SkyePharma product

For a company that is cutting jobs by the thousands, adding 40 new positions at a manufacturing plant in England might seem like small potatoes, but not so to the management at Sanofi's ($SNY) Holmes Chapel operation.

AZ puts Brilinta up for another head-to-head fight with Plavix

AstraZeneca doesn't shy from a challenge. The drugmaker ($AZN) has launched a study comparing its clot-fighter Brilinta with the standard bloodthinner treatment Plavix, in patients with peripheral artery disease.