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Latest Headlines

Generics, emerging markets to take over pharma growth

New projections for global drug sales look pretty for generics makers--but not so pretty for brands. The growth in generics is expected to depress overall pharma sales growth, as lower-priced copies

China to fuel bigger pharma growth in 2011

Next year is shaping up to be slightly better for global pharma growth. But once again, it's emerging markets leading the charge. According to IMS Health's annual forecast, double-digit expansion in

IMS: Reform to lift drug sales 3.5% annually

Yet more debate on whether healthcare reform in the U.S. will help drugmakers, and if so, how much. The industry says not so much. But industry-watching number crunchers tell a different story. PhRMA

IMS: Pharma growing faster than expected

Ready for some good pharma news? A boost in American insurance will push worldwide drug sales up by 4 percent to 6 percent in 2010, IMS Health predicts. And global growth will continue at a 4 percent

Researchers see pharma contraction

Researcher Business Monitor International expects the U.S. pharmaceutical market to contract at a compound annual growth rate of-0.35 percent during 2008 to 2013. The contraction is expected to

Short-seller eyes Big Pharma challenges

Billionaire short-seller Jim Chanos has Big Pharma in his sights. The founder of hedge fund Kynikos told a U.K. radio audience that he's put a pencil to the U.S. healthcare system, and as a result

Pfizer on lookout for Middle East deals

Pfizer sees big growth in the Middle East. The region "is becoming one of our key emerging markets," Pfizer's emerging markets chief Jean-Michel Halfon told Bloomberg. "this is a market where we

Bayer pharma chief laments pricing pressures

Don't underestimate the economic downturn, Bayer's pharma chief says. Pricing pressures in the drug industry are intensifying because of the crisis, said Bayer Schering CEO Andreas Fibig (photo). In

Record-low year for pharma growth, IMS says

IMS Health already told us 2009 wasn't to be a bang-up year for pharma. Now, those prophets of doom say it's going to be even worse than they previously thought. Because of the flagging economy, the

Novartis in hiring mood- in China

Big Pharma continues its march into emerging markets. Chinese newspapers are full of a Novartis expansion push into their country, which is expected to boost employment and lead to--gasp!--a