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Latest Headlines

Actavis chairman joins Zoetis board under deal with activist investor Ackman

Pfizer spinoff Zoetis, the animal health company, added a second director to its board under a deal it reached earlier this year with activist investor Bill Ackman and his firm Pershing Square Capital Management.

Grateful Actavis board adds $4M to CEO's deal-related bonus tally. Total: $49M

Actavis CEO Paul Bisaro has been on a roll lately. He's scored one M&A deal after another, with Warner Chilcott wrapping up last year and Forest Laboratories currently on deck. And his pocketbook has shared in the bounty.

Warner Chilcott CEO up for $9.2M handshake after Actavis deal

As the dust settles around Actavis' announced buyout of Warner Chilcott, it's time to dig into some of the nitty-gritty details about "New Actavis." For instance, which of Warner's top people will stick around--and if they don't, how much severance might they collect on the way out? And just how big is the tax cut Actavis expects from making the deal?

Actavis nabs Warner Chilcott in a $8.5B stock swap

Actavis and Warner Chilcott have struck a deal. And it's bigger than the $5 billion-or-so that was bandied about while the companies negotiated. About $3 billion bigger, in fact: According to Actavis, the company will acquire Warner in a stock swap worth $8.5 billion.

20 Highest-Paid Biopharma CEOs of 2012

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The 25 most influential people in biopharma today- 2013

Who in this business hasn't seen billions incinerated in pursuit of sheer folly? Influential today is the savvy executive who can marshal experts as well as financial resources in pursuit of a smarter, better, faster way to develop and market important new drugs. And intelligent research strategies are far more rare than we acknowledge. You'll find some here in our second annual report on the 25 most influential people in the industry (find last year's report here). Check out the list >>

Watson becomes Actavis, and already future is muted

Watson Pharmaceuticals is no more. The generic drug company has officially taken the name of its most recent acquisition target, Actavis, thinking it has better brand recognition in the markets where it intends to expand.

Is Watson poised to grab Actavis?

The generic world was abuzz yesterday after rumors surfaced that Watson Pharmaceuticals could buy Actavis for about $7 billion.

Watson chief has big brand plans for $6B war chest

Paul Bisaro has made no secret of his branded ambitions for Watson Pharmaceuticals ($WPI). The drugmaker, which now focuses mostly on generics, is looking to remake itself as a brand-and-generics

Watson wins regulatory OK for Rapaflo

Watson Pharmaceuticals scored a victory in its effort to branch out of its generic drug business and launch new branded therapies with today's announcement that it has won regulatory approval to