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Latest Headlines

U.K. judge backs Lyrica generic, scolds Pfizer for 'groundless' threats to docs

Pfizer has not only lost a key patent fight over Lyrica in Britain. It's now under fire for threatening legal action against doctors and pharmacies to enforce that very patent.

Pfizer to cover NHS docs' script-switching costs in latest Lyrica-protecting move

Pfizer plans to pay doctors in England to prescribe its drug Lyrica. But don't jump to conclusions. These payments are in a category all their own.

Pfizer's Lyrica team matches the spokesman to the message

Many pharma companies create DTC efforts around a branded product, but plenty of drugmakers go the disease education route, too. So when is the right time to use each? That all depends on the population a pharma is trying to reach, and as Pfizer found recently, sometimes they can be used simultaneously to get targeted messages across to different patient groups.

Pfizer's Lyrica patent fight in England puts NHS docs, pharmacists on defensive

Talk about unintended consequences of a patent ruling. Pfizer's unprecedented effort to fight Lyrica copies in England has doctors and pharmacists squabbling, and the National Health Service stepping in to keep the peace.

Don't use generic Lyrica for pain, Pfizer warns U.K. providers--or else

Pfizer has written doctors in the U.K. warning them not to prescribe Lyrica knockoffs to treat neuropathic pain. Seems the company still has a live patent covering Lyrica's use against that type of nerve pain.

Lyrica matches UCB drug in Pfizer's latest epilepsy trial

Pfizer's attempts to prove Lyrica effective as an epilepsy treatment have delivered mixed results. Just three months ago, the controlled-release formula failed a Phase III trial in adults with epilepsy. But now, the company has unveiled new data showing that Lyrica capsules matched the UCB seizure drug Keppra at reducing a common type of seizures in epilepsy patients.

Pfizer whiffs in PhIII study with controlled-release Lyrica

The study, which tested the formulation as a once-a-day therapy, missed its main goal of changing seizure frequency compared with placebo.

As Lipitor gets more rivals, Lyrica studies fall short

Pfizer's mission to expand Lyrica use just hit a couple of roadblocks.

Pfizer halts epilepsy study on Lyrica efficacy

What does Big Pharma like better than a blockbuster? A bigger blockbuster. And that's just what Pfizer ($PFE) might find in its pain and seizure drug Lyrica. Based on early efficacy data, the company

Pfizer's Lyrica performs in Japanese fibromyalgia trial

Pfizer has racked up some positive data for Lyrica in Japan. A new study found that fibromyalgia patients saw a statistically significant reduction in their mean pain score after treatment with