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Latest Headlines

Pfizer's targeted Xalkori outshines chemo in trial of untreated lung cancer patients

Pfizer said its targeted cancer drug Xalkori trounced chemotherapy in a trial of previously untreated patients with a particular type of lung cancer. The study showed for the first time that up-front treatment with Xalkori staves off cancer growth better than other treatments in patients whose tumors test positive for ALK-gene abnormalities.

Roche racks up another PhIII setback as MetMab flops against lung cancer

More than two years ago Roche CEO Severin Schwan picked the cancer drug MetMAb out of the pipeline as one of the company's top blockbuster prospects. But on Monday its oncology R&D arm at Genentech was forced to halt a Phase III combo study matching MetMAb with Tarceva in a failed effort to block metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer after an independent monitoring group flagged the attempt for futility.

Pace of BMS cancer trial leaves investors wary

When BMS said it would continue its mid-stage instead of diving into a late-stage program testing nivolumab with melanoma hit Yervoy, investors feared it could mean problems with the combo--and sent shares down nearly 6%.

Kindstar partners with Israeli BioView to bring lung cancer Dx to Asia

Lung cancer spreads quickly, which helps it claim more lives each year than any other cancer worldwide and makes early detection key. Now, two companies have teamed up to bring a diagnostic test to some of the countries that need it most.

Protein C4d linked to higher mortality rates in lung cancer patients

Researchers on the lookout for ways to help detect one of the world's deadliest cancers may have a new biomarker on their hands. In lung cancer patients, scientists have linked the presence in tumors of the protein C4d to a higher cancer mortality rate, a new study says.

Researchers inch closer to breath test for lung cancer

A biomarker detectable in the breath of lung cancer patients holds promise for an accurate diagnostic, and researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have taken another stride toward making that a reality.

Qiagen inks lung cancer diagnostics deal with Clovis Oncology

Biotech Clovis Oncology is tapping Qiagen's diagnostic expertise as it develops an EGFR-targeting lung cancer treatment, tasking the German company with creating a companion test that can identify patients for clinical trials and, eventually, be sold alongside the drug.

Antidepressants could provide new way to treat deadly lung cancer

Using a bioinformatics method involving a computerized discovery pipeline, researchers have found a possible new treatment for a deadly kind of lung cancer from existing drugs--a little-used class of antidepressants already approved by the FDA.

Cost gatekeepers give final 'no' to Pfizer's targeted cancer drug Xalkori

Clinically effective but not cost-effective. That's what U.K. watchdogs have determined about Pfizer's targeted lung cancer drug, Xalkori. Despite a discount offer from Pfizer, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence still believes Xalkori isn't a good value.

Roche lung cancer hopeful wins FDA 'breakthrough' tag

That makes two "breakthrough" tags for the Swiss drugmaker so far.