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Latest Headlines

Abbott tries to throw up roadblock to Humira biosim

The Chicago-based company petitioned the FDA to stop biosimilar versions of Humira, its lead drug, on trade-secret grounds.

Pfizer turns to late-stage pipeline to make up for Lipitor crash

The pharma giant is staying focused on the fate of a trio of late-stage therapies that are desperately needed to fill a growing gap.

Lipitor swoons, taking Pfizer's pharma sales down 25%

Lipitor sales tanked 42%, and though sales of other products grew, overall pharma sales dropped 25%.

New plant pushes Ranbaxy Lipitor production to global lead

Getting FDA approval of a new plant in India meant Ranbaxy was able to push out enough generic Lipitor in March to take the top spot in production of the drug.

Ranbaxy pulls ahead of Pfizer in Lipitor race

Pfizer lost the lead in the Lipitor market, getting outsold by about 300,000 pills.

With new plant, Ranbaxy back in force in North America

After a four-year stint of being unable to ship drugs from its plants in India to the U.S. and Canada, Ranbaxy Laboratories is returning in a big way.

Ranbaxy ships Indian-made Lipitor copies to U.S.

Ramping up Indian production of generic Lipitor is key to Ranbaxy's ability to profit from the drug.

Ranbaxy shipping generic Lipitor from new Indian plant

Ranbaxy Laboratories has a new FDA-approved plant in India from which it is shipping a generic Lipitor to the U.S.

Astellas extends Lipitor marketing deal with Pfizer

Astellas Pharma extended its deal with Pfizer ($PFE) to market the cholesterol drug Lipitor in Japan.

Sanofi, Regeneron report stellar LDL drug data as race heats up

Sanofi and Regeneron today noted that their rival PCSK9 inhibitor triggered a significant drop in LDL levels among patients with a high level of the "bad" kind of cholesterol.