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Latest Headlines

Rebates cut $40B off drugmakers' returns

In a fascinating look at one aspect of pharma pricing, Forbes' Matthew Herper explores the area of rebates, providing a chart of the biggest givebacks.

With generics horde advancing, Pfizer gives up Lipitor push

When Lipitor's first copycats were unleashed, Pfizer manned the battlements. As The Wall Street Journal reports, that battle is over.

Ranbaxy manufactures a colossal first quarter

Just how important resolving manufacturing problems can be to a drugmaker's upside was evident in the skyrocketing first-quarter earnings of Ranbaxy Laboratories.

Lipitor copy powers a surge in Ranbaxy sales, profits

Ranbaxy Laboratories' first-quarter earnings soared on its launch of the cholesterol drug copycat.

As Lipitor gets more rivals, Lyrica studies fall short

Pfizer's mission to expand Lyrica use just hit a couple of roadblocks.

Pfizer scouts for bite-sized buyouts after Lipitor sales wilt

Followers of Pfizer won't be surprised to learn of Read's M&A appetite, yet the pharma chief happens to be scouting for deals at an interesting time in the industry and at his company.

Abbott tries to throw up roadblock to Humira biosim

The Chicago-based company petitioned the FDA to stop biosimilar versions of Humira, its lead drug, on trade-secret grounds.

Pfizer turns to late-stage pipeline to make up for Lipitor crash

The pharma giant is staying focused on the fate of a trio of late-stage therapies that are desperately needed to fill a growing gap.

Lipitor swoons, taking Pfizer's pharma sales down 25%

Lipitor sales tanked 42%, and though sales of other products grew, overall pharma sales dropped 25%.

New plant pushes Ranbaxy Lipitor production to global lead

Getting FDA approval of a new plant in India meant Ranbaxy was able to push out enough generic Lipitor in March to take the top spot in production of the drug.