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Latest Headlines

Pharma layoffs set new record

You can't talk 2007 in the drug industry without mentioning the L word: layoffs. Everyone who's anyone in pharma these

Whistleblower sues Pfizer over Lipitor

There's nothing like a whistleblower lawsuit to get a company riled. A former Pfizer exec has accused the company of using continuing medical education as stealth marketing for its cholesterol drug

Pfizer loses AAA debt rating

Scrub the gilt edge off those bonds. Fitch Ratings ripped the AAA rating off Pfizer's debt, citing the drug maker's "maturing" drug portfolio and its

Sleep study could boost some statins

If simvastatin (Zocor) can cause insomnia and nightmares as a new study shows, then why doesn't pravastatin (Pravachol)? It seems that Zocor and its rivals Lipitor, Mevacor, and Vytorin are fat

Pfizer armed and ready for Lipitor fight

Pfizer isn't letting Lipitor go gently into the good night of off-patent drugs. It's fighting to keep the cholesterol remedy's sales up until the bitter end. That's a tough assignment, given that

AZ's Crestor flubs key heart failure trial

AstraZeneca didn't get its coveted results from the long-awaited CORONA trial. Crestor failed to show any statistically significant benefit in heart failure patients. So Crestor lacks a competitive

Pfizer judge won't toss'biased' evidence

Pfizer used an old legal strategy in defending its Nigerian trial of an experimental meningitis drug: Discredit the witness. One key piece of evidence against the drug giant is a government report

Pfizer-Sanofi match not made in heaven?

Say the Pfizer/Sanofi-Aventis rumors are true: Would merging with the French drug maker boost

Merck cautiously upbeat on cholesterol drug

Merck is looking to succeed where Pfizer so spectacularly failed. Merck presented positive Phase II data for its CTEP inhibitor

Court: Pfizer can defend Neurontin patent

Pfizer will get its day in court with Neurontin--and its chance to collect at-risk damages from generics companies that pounced on the drug. A federal appeals court overturned portions of a 2005