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Ex-Amgen CEO to would-be leaders: Focus on behavior, not abilities

If you could bring in former Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer as a consultant, what would he say?

Amgen's two chiefs together net $22.7M in 2012 pay

Amgen's new CEO scored a big raise when he was promoted last year. Robert Bradway took over from ex-chief Kevin Sharer at the end of May, and by year's end, he had racked up $13.57 million in compensation for the year, almost twice what he made in 2011 as president and COO. And his predecessor's pay dropped by half, knocking him off our list of highest-paid biopharma executives.

How does pharma's CEO pay rank?

We know how pharma CEO pay stacked up within the industry. But how did pharma's 2011 compensation packages compare with those in other industries?

How Amgen's CEO learned to listen--and why

Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer tells  McKinsey  that he was "an awful listener" for years, until he cultivated the humility to stop "telling" 90% of the time.

Amgen CEO's retirement pay could register at $49M

Stock options and deferred compensation have built up a comfortable $49 million nest egg for retiring Amgen ($AMGN) CEO Kevin Sharer.

Ex-Amgen R&D chief Perlmutter in talks with other companies about next move

Roger Perlmutter appears to have no plans to slow down after ending his 11-year tenure as Amgen's ($AMGN) R&D chief last month after a major leadership shakeup announced late last year at the...

Sharer gets mediocre grade for Amgen tenure

Xconomy's Luke Timmerman assesses Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer's tenure this morning, giving him a gentleman's "C" for leadership, new product development, vision and other key factors. As Timmerman notes,

Amgen sees exec shakeup

Facing investors unhappy over an unimpressive stock price and its R&D wing being pared down to reduce the bite it takes out of revenue, Amgen announced yesterday that both its CEO and R&D

Amgen CEO Sharer, R&D chief Perlmutter stepping down in shakeup

With investors chronically unhappy over an unimpressive stock price and the R&D wing being sliced back to reduce the bite it takes out of revenue, Amgen announced yesterday that both its CEO and...

Has Amgen crossed into Big Pharma territory?

Has Amgen ($AMGN) proven itself a card-carrying member of Big Pharma? Signs point in that direction, the Pacific Coast Business Times says. After all, the company not only announced its first