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Latest Headlines

Canadian employers now insist on generics

For the first time, two of Canada's biggest health insurance companies are going to require that generics be prescribed in any case where there is one. While government programs have had the same requirement in place for years, private employer plans have not.

Health plans sue Big Pharma over co-pay coupons

Pharma's co-pay discounts have their fans--patients, certainly, but they also have their detractors.

Herper: Cheap Lipitor could increase health costs

In a report this morning, Forbes' Matthew Herper writes that a war over Lipitor could contribute to higher healthcare premiums--even for those who don't use the drug. As Herper notes, Pfizer late

GSK to give free adult vaccines to uninsured

GlaxoSmithKline has launched a vaccines access program that will provide shots--including the human papillomavirus preventive Cervarix--free of charge to low-income adults who don't have insurance

States aim to stall health-insurance expansion

With healthcare reform cooling its heels in Congress, states are stepping into the breach, hoping to dismantle its core: The insurance mandate. Never mind that federal law tends to supersede state

Pfizer moves to cap retiree health benefits

In further evidence of out-of-control healthcare costs, Pfizer is joining the U.S. companies capping retiree health benefits, with the size of retiree medical subsidies determined by years of

White House stands behind $80B deal with pharma

Government negotiation of drug prices? Bigger Medicare rebates? No longer in the cards. In a major coup for PhRMA, the White House publicly promised drugmakers that they would stand behind that $80

Wal-Mart cuts branded formulary in half

Wal-Mart slashed its employee drug benefits in half, cutting the number of branded meds on its formulary to 128 from 260, BNet Pharma reports. Big-time drugs like Sanofi-Aventis' Ambien CR and

PhRMA: We're part of the reform solution

In yet another attempt to make nice with the new regime in Washington, PhRMA chief Billy Tauzin pledged to be "part of the solution" to healthcare reform. During a press conference yesterday, Tauzin

Drug debate enters U.K. election

Drug finance is becoming an election issue in the U.K. this year. The Liberal Democrats are backing a plan that would change National Health Service rules to allow patients to pay for drugs that the