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Latest Headlines

Does brand + generic really add up? Sandoz, Actavis execs count the ways

These days, companies are increasingly looking to put both branded and generic meds under one roof. And Peter Goldschmidt, the U.S. president of Novartis' Sandoz unit, doesn't know why they didn't do it sooner.

GSK's Advair dogged again as Mylan launches first bioequivalent copy in U.K.

GlaxoSmithKline is already struggling with sales of aging respiratory superstar Advair, and Mylan just made its job more difficult.

Orexigen, Takeda slap Actavis with Contrave patent-infringement lawsuit

Orexigen and Takeda have already had their fair share of headaches over obesity med Contrave this year after a data leak forced the pair to abandon a postmarketing heart study. Now, though, they've got a generic to fend off, and they've sued maker Actavis in order to do just that.

Novartis asks court to take the brakes off Neupogen biosim

Last month, a U.S. appeals court blocked Novartis' biosimilar version of Amgen's blockbuster Neupogen while the companies worked out a patent dispute. Unsurprisingly, though, Novartis wants that ban lifted, and now it's asking the court to do just that.

Teva shops for bigger Mylan stake in deal-forcing power play

Teva already has a 1.8% stake in deal target Mylan--a share that prompted Mylan Chairman Robert Coury to accuse it on Monday of breaching U.S. antitrust laws. But the Israeli drugmaker's response may be to pad that stake even further.

UCB reportedly gets bids for Kremers Urban unit from Cipla and Lupin

After having to call off a $1.5 billion deal last year to sell its U.S.-based generics business, Belgium's UCB has new bidders for the unit that reportedly includes India's Cipla and Lupin.

The legal death of Actavis' Namenda strategy spells doom for the 'hard switch'

A U.S. appeals court has officially spoiled Actavis' plot to force patients over to a new, patent-protected version of Namenda to preserve the med's revenues when generics hit. So if other drugmakers are considering the tactic, they'd better think twice.

HHS: Actavis could cost the government $6B with Namenda hard switch

Actavis said last month that it stood to lose $200 million in sales if an appeals court didn't let it force patients over to a new, patent-protected version of Alzheimer's treatment Namenda before generics hit. But if the court does allow the so-called hard switch? The federal government stands to lose much, much more.

Momenta/Sandoz Copaxone generic may be the only one around for a while, exec says

Generics makers have been champing at the bit to get a copy out of Teva's Copaxone, the best-selling multiple sclerosis med that generated $4.2 billion in revenue last year. But according to Momenta CEO Craig Wheeler, his company's version--a joint effort with partner Sandoz, Novartis' generics unit--may be the only knockoff around for a while.

FDA opens floodgates to generics of Bristol-Myers' Abilify

Just hours after Bristol-Myers Squibb beat Wall Street expectations with earnings that got a goose from antipsychotic Abilify, the FDA opened the floodgates to generics of the blockbuster.