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Latest Headlines

Ranbaxy scrambles to fix problems that challenge its exclusives

In an effort to get itself into a place where it can again ship from its FDA-approved plants in India, Ranbaxy Laboratories says it is taking a hard look at how it runs its API operations.

The FDA is quietly testing some drugs for generic equivalency

Generics make up about 80% of the drugs U.S. consumers use, but there has long been questions about whether some of them work as well as the products they mimic. Now the FDA is finding out.

With Teva's Symbicort copy nearing EU launch, AstraZeneca preps for battle

An EU drug-review committee recommended Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' knockoff version of the AstraZeneca respiratory med Symbicort on Friday. With key patents already expired, Teva's DuoResp Spiromax could soon put AstraZeneca's brand under siege.

Antitrust watchdogs come down on Pfizer for Lipitor dealmaking

The antitrust crackdown in pharma has moved to Australia. Once again, Pfizer finds itself in the middle of a legal fight over its efforts to hang onto Lipitor sales after the drug went off patent and faced competition from cheaper generics.

UPDATED: Roche legal action messes with Mylan's India launch of its Herceptin biosimilar

Last year, Roche appeared to throw in the towel on its breast cancer drug Herceptin in India when it said it would not defend the patent there. But it has come back out swinging with a court action that has messed with this week's launch of a biosimilar from Mylan.

Bristol-Myers plots 550 French job cuts if officials go through with generics plan

France wants to save money on drugs. That's not unusual. It's proposing new plans to pump up use of generics. That's not unusual either. What's less common is that Bristol-Myers Squibb is threatening layoffs at two French factories in retaliation.

Novartis expects a generic of Diovan to finally arrive in April

2014 looks to be another year of transition for Novartis. It now expects the long-delayed U.S. release of a generic of its blockbuster Diovan to happen in the second quarter and by summer's end hopes to have completed the strategic review that will decide the fate of several of its operating units.

Novo Nordisk quits South African pharma group over 'satanic' PR campaign

First, South Africa proposed patent-law changes that would help foster generic drugs. Then, Big Pharma and its smaller colleagues in the country's pharma association hatched a counter-offensive: a $600,000 lobbying campaign against the measure. Now, Novo Nordisk has quit that group, the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa (Ipasa), in protest.

Par Pharma nabs injectables specialist JHP for $490M in private-equity auction

Generics maker Par Pharmaceutical inked a deal to pay $490 million for JHP Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharma company owned by Warburg Pincus. Par will gain a portfolio of branded and generic injectable drugs, which are hot commodities these days.

Big Pharma accused of hatching 'satanic plot' in South Africa

South Africa's Minister of Health, Aaron Motsoaledi, lashed out on Friday at a report that Big Pharma is funding a PR campaign aimed at opposing new patent provisions favoring generic drugs, calling it "a conspiracy of satanic magnitude" that would lead to "genocide."