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Latest Headlines

Italy aims to cut drug spending without discounts

Yet another European country has stepped forward with a drug-budgeting strategy--only this time, it doesn't include price cuts. Italy's health minister is promising to save money through broader use

EU court rules against pharma on generic-switching rewards

Drugmakers have lost the fight to stave off new generic-switching incentives in the U.K. The European Court of Justice ruled that, contrary to the pharma industry's claims, the incentive plan doesn't

Astellas loses bid to stave off copycat Prograf

It's a pitched battle over Prograf. Fast-moving, too: FDA rejected Astellas Pharma's petition for tougher-than-normal approval standards for copycat forms of its transplant drug. Novartis got the FDA

Wal-Mart cuts branded formulary in half

Wal-Mart slashed its employee drug benefits in half, cutting the number of branded meds on its formulary to 128 from 260, BNet Pharma reports. Big-time drugs like Sanofi-Aventis' Ambien CR and

Pharma subsidies erode utility of co-pays

When does a cost-cutting incentive no longer cut costs? Here's an example, as reported by the Wall Street Journal: Drug co-pays could lose their effectiveness as a way to steer patients to lower-cost

Are brand name heart drugs superior?

According to a new review of randomized controlled trials, editorials and commentaries published in today's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), patients who spend extra

Insurers' drug-switching push prompts warning

Big Pharma may have found some unexpected allies in its battle against generic competition: consumer groups. Two advocacy organizations in Florida are warning consumers about "therapeutic switching,"