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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Par could fetch up to $2.5B from rival genericsmaker

Analysts have put a pencil to the Par Pharmaceutical buyout, and they've concluded the company could bring a good bit more than $50 per share from a generics-industry bidder.

GSK closes the deal on Human Genome Sciences for $3B

After unsuccessfully struggling for three months to spur a bidding war, Human Genome Sciences appears ready to throw in the towel today and accept a slightly sweetened offer from longtime partner GlaxoSmithKline.

Foreign demand saves Ipsen's primary-care plant

Ipsen's news isn't all bad these days. After its big plans for a new hemophilia drug hit a big snag earlier this week, the drugmaker is announcing plans to keep a French plant it had slated for sale.

Lilly could net $1.5B-plus from Cymbalta extension

Eli Lilly can enjoy competition-free Cymbalta sales for 6 months longer. 

Forest Labs pressured to pull trigger on M&A after patent expires on Lexapro

Stock analysts have called for Forest Laboratories to jump on the M&A bandwagon in biopharma as the drugmaker's top-selling Lexapro faces generic drug competition.

Forest Labs slashes forecast on wilting Lexapro sales

The U.S. based drugmaker was particularly vulnerable to generic competition, because its Lexapro antidepressant accounted for such an enormous share of its revenues: 52% in 2010, according to FiercePharma research.

Lilly chief resolves to stick with high-risk pipeline strategy

His chief interest remains steadfast: Pursuing the development of the drugs already in the pipeline. And don't go banging on his door when a company comes into play.

Merck highlights sleep drug ahead of FDA submission

Merck has touted the performance of one of its late-stage contenders as the drug giant readies an application for U.S. approval of the experimental insomnia drug.

With generics horde advancing, Pfizer gives up Lipitor push

When Lipitor's first copycats were unleashed, Pfizer manned the battlements. As The Wall Street Journal reports, that battle is over.

Bayer slams Indian government, Cipla on Nexavar copies

Since the Indian government yanked its exclusivity on the cancer drug, the German company is fighting back.