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Latest Headlines

Lundbeck, Otsuka's new Abilify Maintena to face entrenched rivals

Lundbeck has another chance to crow this week, now that its once-monthly version of Abilify has FDA approval. The agency nod comes fast on the heels of another, for the Danish drugmaker's alcohol addiction drug Selincro. This double victory opens the way for Lundbeck to transform turnaround promises into actual sales.

Reckitt bid to block Suboxone copies fails

The U.K.-based company had petitioned the agency to block the copycat versions on packaging grounds.

Seroquel XR patent upheld, protecting AZ blockbuster

It was particularly good news today when a federal appeals court upheld the patent for antipsychotic Seroquel XR, one of the key drugs AstraZeneca continues to bank on.

Swamped with generics, Sanofi rides Lantus to dry land

Where would Sanofi be without Lantus? The diabetes drug just keeps on churning up sales growth, quarter after quarter. In the fourth quarter, Lantus products grew by more than 22% to €1.33 billion. For the full year, the drug racked up almost €5 billion.

Forest's Lexapro plague lingers with 41% hit to Q3 sales

Forest Laboratories is in dire need of a Bloody Mary for its still-severe Lexapro hangover. The U.S.-based drugmaker fell short of low expectations for the third quarter, thanks to a 41% drop in sales, largely because of generic competition for the blockbuster antidepressant. And the company ratcheted back predictions for its full-year results.

AstraZeneca beats back would-be Crestor copycats

AstraZeneca ($AZN) chalked up a win in its fight to preserve Crestor's patent protection. A U.S. Appeals Court upheld the cholesterol drug's key patent, in a ruling that would stave off generic competition till 2016.

Pay-for-delay to get Supreme consideration

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide once and for all whether paying generic competitors to hold off on entering the market is legal. Or then again, maybe not.

Drug companies wrestle for control of multibillion-dollar pain drug market

The drug companies say it's a safety issue. The generic competition, though, says it's about economics.

Top 20 generic molecules worldwide

The big news in generic drugs in the last couple of years has been all of the marquee brands that are getting their tails kicked by generic competition. The best example is the loss of the patent on...

Merck quietly scuttles another cholesterol combo program

Just three months after quietly snuffing its late-stage development program for the cholesterol combo MK-0524B, Merck has once again quietly doused development efforts on a new cholesterol therapy. MK-0431E, once in line for a 2014 regulatory filing, was killed for unspecified business reasons, according to Dow Jones.