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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Endo finally wins a Low-T drug nod, but safety dispute could snarl its launch

For Endo's testosterone therapy Aveed, the third time wasn't the charm with the FDA--but the fourth time was. After a trio of rejections, the FDA has given the thumbs up to the Low-T drug, and the Malvern, PA-based company expects to launch it this month. But amid the safety questions surrounding testosterone drugs, doing so may not be so easy.

Endo's off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: 'Put the patch where the pain is'

For former Endo sales rep Peggy Ryan, the pivotal moment came about three years into her employment with the Malvern, PA-based company. She was at a national meeting, where the topic of discussion was how to distribute off-label studies in an unsolicited way, she says.

Valeant, Endo chalk up new deals with $220M-plus specialty buys

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has added another $250 million deal to its buyout tally, with a $250 million bid to buy Solta Medical, a maker of dermatological treatment devices. And Endo Health Solutions has  agreed to pay up to $220 million for NuPathe and its brand-new migraine treatment Zecuity.

Drugmakers confront new pay-for-delay cases under new rules

New pay-for-delay lawsuits are popping up around the country. Endo Pharma and Actavis have been named, as has AstraZeneca, Teva, Ranbaxy and Dr. Reddy's. And with the U.S. Supreme Court having defined its position this year, the pay-for-delay legal issue is being litigated under a whole new set of rules.

Is Endo on the verge of a Valeant-type acquisition binge?

Will Endo Health Solutions follow in Valeant Pharmaceuticals' footsteps? Already the U.S.-based company has taken one page from Valeant CEO Michael Pearson's playbook, with last week's tax-friendly buyout of Paladin Labs. Can a Valeant-esque series of buyouts be on its way?

Endo nabs Paladin Labs in $1.6B cash-and-stock deal

Endo Health Solutions needs a shot in the arm, now that its lead drug Lidoderm faces generic competition. And Endo may have found just that. The has company inked a deal to buy Canada's Paladin Labs for $1.6 billion.

Endo to cut 700 jobs, review asset sales in major restructuring

Last week, Endo Health Solutions said two of its top officers were leaving, no explanations offered. Today, we have a possible reason: the wholesale restructuring of the company.

FDA nixes Endo petition to protect Opana ER from generics

Endo Health Solutions lost its bid to thwart generic makers copying its high-powered painkiller Opana ER. The FDA decided Endo's tamper-resistant formula doesn't prevent drug abuse significantly better than earlier versions that weren't designed to deter abuse. That's a blow for Endo, which took in almost $300 million from the drug last year, or 10% of its total sales.

OxyContin patent expires Tuesday but FDA under pressure to stall generics

Purdue's original patent on the superpotent and often abused painkiller OyxContin expires tomorrow, and drugmakers are jockeying for a piece of its $2.8 billion market share. But the FDA is under increasing pressure to require generic drugmakers to make their formulations tamper-resistant.

Amid buyout chatter, Endo taps Valeant exec as CEO

Will the talk of an Endo Health Solutions buyout wind down now that it has hired a new CEO? Or will the company's choice, Rajiv De Silva, step in to shepherd it toward a sale?