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Latest Headlines

Big Pharma shells out big campaign dollars to presidential candidates

Some presidential hopefuls have a bone to pick with Big Pharma, with candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump railing against drug price increases and calling for reform. But candidates are also picking up checks from the industry this election, collectively raking in almost $1 million in campaign contributions from pharma companies.

Medicare may experiment with caps to cancer-drug reimbursements

Look out, cancer drugmakers--the U.S. is weighing changes to how Medicare reimburses docs for administering pricey oncology drugs.

Valeant, Turing slammed for price hikes during congressional hearing

Industry watchers expected a show at Thursday's congressional drug price hearing, and the event did not disappoint. Members of Congress slammed Valeant and Turing Pharmaceuticals for dramatic prices increases, and also took shots at former Turing CEO Martin Shkreli, who remained close-lipped throughout the hearing.

Media-magnet hearing on Capitol Hill gets underway, with Valeant, Turing under spotlight

Pharma eyes are watching Capitol Hill on Thursday, where drug-price hikes will go on trial in a much-publicized congressional committee hearing. Valeant interim CEO Howard Schiller and ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals chief Martin Shkreli will get a grilling, though Schiller is the only one expected to answer any questions.

Gilead scheduling meet-up with Massachusetts AG over hep C pricing: Globe

Gilead Sciences is scheduling a meeting with Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey after last week's threat of legal action against the company. And though some legal experts doubt Healey's standing in a court fight over Gilead's high prices on hep C drugs, the AG's office apparently sees some backing for the idea.

Roche sees no 'short term' pricing pressure for company's cancer drugs: Reuters

Don't expect Roche's cancer drugs to get caught in the crosshairs as payers ratchet up the pressure on drug prices, the company's head of pharmaceuticals, Daniel O'Day, told  Reuters.

Novartis CEO Jimenez sees U.S. pricing power draining away

Remember the days when drugmakers could raise prices without sparking political pushback? Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez does--and he says they're not coming back.

Trump crosses party lines to back Medicare drug-price negotiation

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have already taken aim at pharma, talking up plans to give Medicare power to negotiate drug prices. Now, a less likely candidate has backed the idea: Donald Trump.

Shkreli's 5th Amendment hall pass rejected for congressional drug pricing hearing

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is requesting a hall pass to get out of testifying at a congressional hearing on drug pricing next week after receiving a subpoena ordering him to appear. But principals leading the price-fighting crusade including ringleader Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) aren't letting Shkreli off the hook that easily.

Shkreli, Valeant CEO set for a grilling at congressional price-hike hearing

Vocal pricing critic Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has his chance to put some pharma execs in the hot seat. Former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli, who kicked off the latest brouhaha with an unapologetic 5,000% price increase, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals interim CEO Howard Schiller are expected next week at a congressional hearing on drug prices.