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The 10 best-selling drugs of 2013

It is the big sellers, the blockbusters--no, megablockbusters--that drug execs aspire to develop. And a look at the top 10 best-selling drugs globally can't help but impress with its big numbers.

Statins and muscle aches are unrelated

So is Lipitor or Crestor causing you to have muscle aches? The answer is no, according to a new meta-analysis of the side effects of the cholesterol-lowering drugs.

AstraZeneca wins, Merck and AbbVie lose with new statin-use guidelines

New rules for prescribing statin drugs could double the number of people taking them--or not. They could help AstraZeneca pump up sales of its high-powered Crestor--or not. What they will do--most likely--is undercut Merck's cholesterol drugs Vytorin and Zetia, along with AbbVie's fenofibrate-based lipid meds TriCor and Trilipix.

Study: Pharma payments do sway doctors' prescribing habits

A new study shows that payments do influence doctors' behavior. The average amount that flows from pharma to physician is about $1,700 per. Still, doctors are swayed by free dinners and speaking fees, the study finds, with prescriptions rising along with payments.

Analysts skeptical as AstraZeneca sales, earnings sink

AstraZeneca's first-quarter sales dropped by 12%. Core earnings fell by 21%. Neither number approached Bristol-Myers Squibb's scary declines. Both companies are suffering big-time hits to their top drugs, because of generic competition. AstraZeneca's earnings actually beat expectations. So why are AstraZeneca analysts less positive about the company's results? It's all about the future.

AstraZeneca zaps another Crestor generic threat with Actavis settlement

AstraZeneca has wrapped up another Crestor patent fight. Two generics makers, Actavis and Egis, admitted that the cholesterol drug's patent is valid. And in return, AstraZeneca agreed to share the market in May 2016, 67 days before its pediatric exclusivity expires.

AstraZeneca beats back would-be Crestor copycats

AstraZeneca ($AZN) chalked up a win in its fight to preserve Crestor's patent protection. A U.S. Appeals Court upheld the cholesterol drug's key patent, in a ruling that would stave off generic competition till 2016.

What's AZ's new CEO thinking? Let's parse his words

The best one can say about AstraZeneca's ($AZN) third quarter is that earnings weren't as bad as analysts had expected. Sales, however, dropped by 19% to a worse-than-expected $6.68 billion, thanks to an 83% plunge in Seroquel IR sales. And with Nexium's U.S. patent expiration looming, incoming CEO Pascal Soriot has plenty to keep him busy.

The 15 best-selling drugs of 2012

Some of the biggest blockbusters known to the pharma industry have dropped off the patent cliff and tumbled into the brutal land of generic therapies, where low-priced competition lays sales to...

Rise of the biologics has reshaped the list of top 15 drugs

Some of the biggest blockbusters known to the pharma industry have been swept off the patent cliff and tumbled into the brutal land of generic therapies, where low-priced competition awaits to chop up markets. Barring the development of new megablockbusters this list is likely to remain stable for some time. That's positive for the companies and their investors. It will also help fund major R&D operations around the globe. And the drive to improve performance should continue to drive innovation. Click here to check out the full report >>