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Latest Headlines

Biogen shareholder denounces CEO pay

A Biogen Idec shareholder is castigating CEO James Mullen (photo) for selling $85 million in company stock and picking up $63 million in compensation, Reuters reports. And no, the shareholder isn't

Is bad-news Genzyme paying CEO too much?

When a company hits the skids, fingers start to point. And lately, fingers have been pointing pretty forcefully at Henri Termeer (photo), CEO of the ill-fated company Genzyme. Naturally, inquiring

Big Pharma execs top highest-paid Swiss list

Who tops the list of highest-paid Swiss executives? None other than pharma's own Daniel Vasella (photo), CEO of Novartis. Vasella's 2008 compensation grew by more than 20 percent from 2007, to 20.5

Merck chief's pension mushrooms by $10M

Merck CEO Dick Clark saw his pension benefit rise by nearly $10 million to $21.7 million in 2008, the Wall Street Journal reports in a survey of companies whose stock prices fell but executive

Disgraced ex-Astra CEO must forfeit pay

The financial industry may not be clawing back salary and bonuses from the bankers whose wild behavior cost their companies money. But you can't say the same about Big Pharma. Lars Bildman (

Schering execs in line for $107M-plus

Just how much do Schering-Plough execs stand to gain from the $41 billion Merck merger? The final numbers are in--and very official, having been reported to the Securities & Exchange Commission

Glaxo investors bless exec-pay plans

We're all familiar with the brouhaha that occasionally attended Jean-Pierre Garnier's annual pay package. The ex-chief of GlaxoSmithKline drew shareholder ire for bonuses and stock awards they

Will GSK investors revolt over Garnier bonus?

A U.K. shareholder group is up in arms over Jean-Pierre Garnier's (photo) bonus. Sound like a broken record? Or like a news story from a time capsule circa, oh, 2003? Nope, it's today's story--and

Top 15 Big Pharma Paychecks of 2008

Every year, executive salaries cause a flap as industry watchers compare who makes what, who got a raise and who's spending the most on air travel, security, drivers and the like. Inevitably, the

Clawbacks chomp into Fred Hassan's pay

Clawbacks can be hell. Just ask Schering-Plough chief Fred Hassan (photo), who took a big hit to his 2008 compensation because, to speak technically, his stock tanked. Under Schering's pay policy,