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Latest Headlines

Roche sees no 'short term' pricing pressure for company's cancer drugs: Reuters

Don't expect Roche's cancer drugs to get caught in the crosshairs as payers ratchet up the pressure on drug prices, the company's head of pharmaceuticals, Daniel O'Day, told  Reuters.

Money-back guarantees on cancer drugs are real in Italy, and the world is watching

One country is ahead of the curve in striking pay-for-performance deals on cancer drugs--and, more importantly, collecting the cash when treatments don't hit their goals.

Cancer drug prices vary across the globe as countries strike deals with Big Pharma: Study

New research shows that cancer drug prices in certain countries, even among those that regulate the price of drugs, vary dramatically. And with countries striking exclusive deals to gain discounts from drugmakers, the disparity in prices is likely to grow.

UPDATE: Influential cancer group releases first batch of affordability info on cancer meds

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network unveiled its first set of "evidence blocks" that include cost information on oncology drugs.

Influential cancer group to add drug-cost data to its treatment advice

When a U.S. cancer patient is prescribed drugs by their doctors now, the financial consequences play out over the course of treatment.

Cancer group fuels drug price debate with data comparing cost and effectiveness

Under the current model in the U.S. a cancer patient is prescribed drugs by their doctors and the financial consequences then play out over the course of the treatment. But in the midst of a growing national debate over drug prices, a coalition of cancer groups will provide patients with info ranking costs and effectiveness of different treatments so they can make decisions on what they are willing to pay for their own treatment.

BMJ points up 'wide variations' in quality of data for new FDA indications

One of pharma's key strategies for growing a drug's sales is expanding into bigger groups of patients. Thing is, the BMJ contends, those follow-up studies are often less stringent than they should be.

Report: Cancer drug spending fuels large increases in Medicare discount drug program

Cancer drug spending has drawn the ire of payers, patients and doctors unhappy with skyrocketing costs for the meds. Now another voice is joining the chorus of naysayers, as a new report from a cancer community nonprofit organization found that a government discount drug program is profiting off the rising costs of cancer meds.

Payers think they can squeeze prices on cancer immunotherapies? Not so fast, analyst says

Looking for an antidote to all the payer chest-thumping about cancer drug prices? Here's some news to suit pharma, at least when it comes to cancer immunotherapies. One big distinction in health insurance--between medicines patients take at home and those they receive at doctors' offices--should put a crimp in payers' efforts to squeeze out discounts on PD-1 and PD-L1 therapies.

UPDATED: Merck cancer drugs and Sanofi, Amgen cardio meds have formularies on high alert

U.S. drug payers have been able to beat back high prices for some COPD and diabetes drugs, much to the chagrin of GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. But several new categories promise to break out in a big way, and we are not talking just about hepatitis C drugs.