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Latest Headlines

England's Cancer Drugs Fund changes its tune, holds onto Novartis' Afinitor

England's Cancer Drugs Fund is backtracking in its decision to remove certain treatments from its list of covered drugs, agreeing to keep Novartis' cancer med Afinitor for two of the three indications for which it was supposed to be removed.

Can Valeant transform Dendreon's ailing Provenge into a viable cancer competitor?

Now that Valeant has officially nabbed Dendreon's cancer vaccine Provenge, the Canadian drugmaker will have to nurse the treatment to health.

U.K. gatekeepers toughest on cancer meds--and getting tougher all the time

The U.K.'s cost gatekeeper is notoriously strict when it comes to approving drugs, shooting down meds based on strict cost-effectiveness standards or saddling them with restrictions. But cancer drugs could face the toughest road ahead, as a new report shows that the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence is less likely to green-light the meds compared to other classes of drugs.

UPDATED: Merck's melanoma 'game-changer' Keytruda likely to bolster drug pricing debate

Analysts and doctors hailed the arrival of Merck's Keytruda, the first cancer drug in the U.S. to block the PD-1 pathway--a powerful new way to mobilize patients' immune systems to fight their disease. Then came this news: Merck said Keytruda (pembrolizumab) would cost $12,500 per patient per month, or $150,000 per year.

Payers beware: Bristol-Myers prices PD-1 cancer med at $143,000 in Japan

In cancer drug development, immunotherapies are hot, with none more closely watched than Bristol-Myers Squibb's nivolumab. Now, we have a window into the drug's future. What that glimpse tells us is that outsize cancer drug prices are about to rise even higher.

Mad at NICE's cancer drug rejections? Look to drugmakers, agency chief says

Political shilly-shallying about the cost of drugs has to end, the chief of the U.K.'s cost-effectiveness agency says. Government officials and politicians need to be up front with the public about one stark fact: The country's health service just can't afford every drug that can help patients.

The irrational rationale for cancer drug prices, with Novartis' Zykadia as exhibit A

Why do cancer drugs cost so much? We all know the stock answer--because companies need to recoup their development costs. Whether we believe it is something else, as Peter Bach of the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes writes in Forbes.

Roche's Avastin and MabThera are added to list of those stolen in Italy

Authorities in Europe have added two Roche cancer drugs to their list of stolen meds that wholesalers and healthcare providers should be on the lookout for. That brings the tally to 5 drugs that the European Medicines Agency says should be closely examined for signs of tampering.

Amneal said to be negotiating to buy Indian sterile injectable manufacturer

Last week, drugmaker Hikma struck a deal to buy some of the sterile injectable assets of a Boehringer Ingelheim unit to expand in that growing part of the industry. Now, U.S.-based Amneal Pharmaceuticals is looking to India for a chance to exploit that niche of the market.

ASCO tackles a tough question: When is a cancer drug too pricey?

ASCO wants to provide oncologists with a scorecard they can use to determine when the benefits of a drug don't justify its cost. The first hints of how that scorecard is shaping up will be revealed starting today, at the annual ASCO conference in Chicago