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Latest Headlines

Perrigo pulls 18 batches of acetaminophen for infants on dosing fears

The FDA has asked drugmakers to recall several products with dosing systems or potency variations that could lead to dangerous overdoses.

J&J follows up on pledge to add warning to Tylenol bottle caps

The FDA has pushed makers of the nonaspirin pain reliever acetaminophen to do more to warn consumers about the dangers of the drug when taken in high doses. J&J is now adding warnings to Tylenol bottle caps in response.

J&J issue in South Korea reminiscent of OTC problems here

Drugmakers hope to export their success to emerging markets so they can reap big rewards, but Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit appears to have taken a backward approach in South Korea, where it is in hot water over a recall of Children's Tylenol products.

Endo revises pain drug recall from 1 to 101 lots

In September, the generics subsidiary of Endo Health Solutions voluntarily recalled one lot of two pain drugs that it called "super potent" because both exceeded their prescribed weights. Now Endo has added 100 more lots to that removal.

India kicks branded generics to the curb

Drugmakers, get ready to revise your playbooks. Branded generics may be a no-go in India. Continuing their assault on drug costs, government officials are rolling out a new generics-only licensing policy. New off-patent drugs would win approval under their generic names only.

Study ties chronic acetaminophen use to blood cancers

Reuters reports on a new study that ties excessive use of the painkiller acetaminophen (Tylenol) to an increased risk of blood cancers. Then, in the second paragraph, the story reflects some of the

J&J, generics makers to revamp children's Tylenol products

Tylenol maker Johnson & Johnson will revamp its product line for infants and children to help prevent overdoses of the pain and fever remedy. The company plans to make all children's Tylenol

FDA won't ban combo painkillers, but adds controls

FDA has issued an ultimatum to makers of combination painkillers such as Percocet and Vicodin. The agency won't ban the drug as an advisory panel recommended in 2009, the New York Times reports, but

J&J ads aim to fight Tylenol worries

Johnson & Johnson has long been a case study for crisis managers everywhere. Remember the Tylenol scare back in the early '80s? Ever since, J&J has drawn kudos for its quick-and-thorough

FDA panel backs ban on painkillers

Here's a ban that could be a real pain for drugmakers: An FDA advisory panel voted in favor of pulling the narcotic combo drugs Percocet and Vicodin, seven other acetaminophen/narcotic combos, and