What if this had been the Big One?; Novavax reports progress on seasonal vax program;

Swine flu

The myriad of snafus associated with the national vaccination campaign against swine flu has led some experts to ask ‘What if this had been the Big One?' A really lethal virus would have created pandemonium. Report

H1N1 vaccine shortages is causing frayed nerves and a high level of frustration among the state and local officials expected to handle the timely arrival of vaccine supplies. And some have decided to get out of the business of forecasting when new supplies arrive, saying they've been burned once already. Story

Word that suspects being held in Guantanamo would jump to the head of the line for swine flu shots caused a flap in D.C. The White House says there's no way that will happen. Report

One North Texas clinic is getting its vaccine supply shut down after authorities found out they were selling the shots to anxious buyers. Story

Vaccine Research

Novavax, which has been on a roll recently, says that its seasonal flu vaccine hit its primary endpoints in a mid-stage trial. Report

Rockville, MD-based Nabi Pharmaceuticals has begun the first of two pivotal trials of NicVax. Report

An experimental Group B Streptococcus vaccine significantly reduced the risk of group B strep virus among pregnant women. The virus spurs blood and brain infections in newborns. Report

Juvaris BioTherapeutics has begun enrolling patients in a Phase II clinical trial of its lead compound, JVRS-100, as an adjuvant for seasonal influenza vaccines in the elderly population. Release

Investigators concluded that the two-dose Menactra vaccine was generally well-tolerated by infants in a recent study. Release

Vaccine market

Swine flu delivered a $500 million boost to Sanofi's fourth quarter sales, prompting the company to raise its guidance on the year. Story

A new study demonstrates that the hepatitis B vaccine offers protection for more than 20 years. Story

UN officials are trying to drum up support for a $39 billion effort to prevent pneumonia. Story