Vical shares jump on vax patent; Sanofi vaccine unit wins $340M contract;

Swine Flu  

Shares of Vical jumped this morning on the news that it had received a patent for its Vaxfectin-formulated DNA vaccines, which are being developed for both bird and swine flu. Report

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is encouraging manufacturers to produce new vaccines to protect pigs from the expected spread of swine flu this fall. Pigs can get the flu from humans, just as humans originally contracted it from pigs. Story

New York, LA and Boston have all come up with new plans to vaccinate its citizens against swine flu. Story

Vaccine Research

One of the biggest fears surrounding swine flu is that it could mutate into a superbug. But researchers at the University of Maryland tested the flu in ferrets and concluded that it does not combine easily with seasonal flu, easing those concerns. Report

The Infectious Disease Research Institute has forged a deal to use NanoPass' proprietary MicronJet microneedle technology for the intradermal delivery of products against a number of diseases including tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, leishmaniasis and leprosy, among others. Release

Debra Kristensen, group leader of vaccine technologies at PATH, discusses a breakthrough in protecting the hepatitis B vaccine from the heat and cold. Story

Vaccine Market

Sanofi-Aventis' Shantha Biotechnics unit has been awarded $340 million worth of contracts from the United Nations to supply a combination vaccine. Story 

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