Vax manufacturing facility approved by FDA; VaxInnate raises $30M for fusion vax work;

Vaccine Market

The FDA has approved a new manufacturing facility for seasonal influenza vaccine that could be put to use making new swine flu jabs. Sanofi Pasteur operates the facility. Report

A new report in the New England Journal of Medicine notes that clusters of unvaccinated children have been growing in the U.S., increasing the danger of an outbreak as more parents opt against jabs for their children. Story

In a new study, researchers conclude that more low-income kids are getting the vaccinations they need, but that a significant disparate between children in high-income and low-income families still exists. Report

Vaccine Research

The FDA has given priority review status to Wyeth's new version of its blockbuster vaccine Prevnar, which protects children and infants against infection. Story

VaxInnate has raised $30 million in its Series D. VaxInnate is developing new fusion vaccines by producing proteins in bacteria instead of eggs. Report

Flu vaccine studies funded by industry are more likely to see the light of day in a journal than studies that don't have industry backing, a new study concludes. Story

Novavax announced today vaccination of healthy volunteers in the second clinical trial of its virus-like particle seasonal influenza vaccine. Release