Vaccine could give alcoholics 'hangovers' after one drink

Chilean researchers are developing a vaccine that causes alcoholics to feel the effects of a hangover after just one drink. The shot targets aldehyde dehydrogenase, the enzymes that metabolize alcohol and control alcohol tolerance. About 20 percent of Asians lack aldehyde dehydrogenase, which causes feelings of unease, sweating, nausea and accelerated heartbeat when alcohol is consumed. The shot is designed to cause the same side effects in people who do have the enzymes. "With the vaccine, the desire to consume alcohol will be greatly reduced thanks to these reactions," noted head researcher Juan Asenjo.

The vaccine was tested in mice who were dependant on alcohol. They were able to reduce their alcohol intake by half after receiving the shot. Asenjo hopes see human subjects cut their alcohol intake by up to 95 percent. The group has completed animal trials and plans to begin human testing as early as 2012.

- take a look at the AFP story

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