U.S. increases Emergent BioSolutions' anthrax vax contract

Emergent BioSolutions is adding another 3.42 million doses to its 14.5 million-dose BioThrax contract with the U.S. government. The contract extension is worth an approximate $101 million; the company has made $1.2 billion through federal contracts since 2004. BioThrax is the only FDA-approved anthrax vaccine.

"Emergent proudly supports the U.S. government's efforts and unwavering commitment to meet its stated need of 75 million doses of anthrax vaccines," said CEO Fuad El-Hibri in a release. "This contract is an indication that BioThrax remains a critical component of the government's arsenal of biodefense medical countermeasures."

El-Hibri also stated that Emergent and the U.S. are in talks for another multi-year contract. The company will begin delivering the additional doses for the Strategic National Stockpile in the third quarter of this year after all previously contracted doses have been filled. Emergent also has secured a $186.6 million contract for a recombinant protein antigen to combat anthrax and a $28.7 million contract for a third-generation vaccine.

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