Stemline licences brain cancer vax; Boston employees receive measles vax to stem outbreak;

Vaccine Development

> Stemline Therapeutics has licensed a brain cancer vaccine developed by the University of Pittsburgh. The vaccine targets cancer stem cells and is currently in Phase I testing. Stemline release

> CSC's Dynport Vaccine Company has finished vaccinating and following up with participants of its Phase II trial testing the safety and immunogenicity of its botulinum vaccine in healthy 18- to 55-year olds. The vaccine has already completed two Phase I trials. CSC release

> Dynavax has received approval to continue two Phase III studies with its hepatitis B vaccine Heplisav. One focuses on patients older than 40 years of age, and the other is studying chronic kidney disease patients. Article

Vaccine Market

> The CDC is investigating a possible excess risk of febrile seizures in children who received the flu and pneumococcal vaccines this winter. Previously, the CDC found a higher than expected number of febrile seizures, but experts were unsure if the number was statistically significant. Story

> More than 21,000 people developed whooping cough last year, the highest number since 2005. But health experts aren't sure why since vaccination and efficacy rates are very high for children. News

> Parents take note: children should receive a second dose of the chicken pox vaccine, or they could run the risk of catching the virus. A national committee recommended a second dose back in 2006, but many children, and even college students, never got the booster. Story

> In an effort to combat E. coli outbreaks, veterinary vaccine company Epitopix has released a vaccine that should fight E. coli O157, which doesn't affect livestock, but can be fatal to humans. E. coli annually affects 63,000 Americans who have eaten contaminated ground beef, raw vegetables or other food. Report