Scientist touts safety of mesothelioma vax; Prevnar-13 a likely mega-blockbuster;


Health officials in Georgia are working hard to administer the state's swine flu vaccine before it expires. Story

Vaccine Research

Researchers have demonstrated the safety of a potential vaccine against mesothelioma, a rare cancer associated primarily with asbestos exposure. The vaccine, which uses a patient's own dendritic cells with antigen from the patient's tumor, was able to induce a T-cell response against mesothelioma tumors. Release

An affiliate of Inovio Biomedical has received the green light to start an early-stage trial in South Korea for its DNA vaccine for bird flu. Story

Nabi Biopharmaceuticals' shareholders have overwhelmingly endorsed its licensing deal with GlaxoSmithKline covering its smoking cessation vaccine NicVax. Report

The therapeutic vaccine technology developed at Antigen Express has been granted a patent by Chinese authorities. Story

Vaccine Market

Pfizer's newly approved Prevnar-13 vaccine should add billions of dollars in annual sales. Report

Panacea Biotech has signed a contract with the Indian government to manufacture its swine flu vaccine. Report

Increased sales of the vaccine booster Zadaxin helped drive higher fourth-quarter profits for SciClone Pharmaceuticals. Story

Shares of Intercell AG plunged earlier this week after its quarterly profits report failed to live up to analysts' estimates. Story