Sanofi, Merck combine animal vax forces; Still no sign of swine flu mutations;

Vaccine Market

Sanofi-Aventis and Merck have joined hands to create the world's largest animal health division. The unit will rely heavily on animal vaccines and vaccine-related products for much of its annual revenue. Report

A newborn baby in the UK was fighting for its life after a doctor injected the infant with 10 times the normal dose of a TB vaccine. Story


Experts say there has been no sign of any mutations of the swine flu vaccine, but they add that there's no telling what could happen next year. Report

The Serum Institute of India says that its swine flu vaccine 'Fluvac' should be available around April or May. Story

Vaccine Research

Novartis optioned the cancer vaccine TG4010 from France's Transgene, but the numbers failed to satisfy investors, who were looking for more than $10 million guaranteed.  Transgene shares slid after the deal was announced. Story

A pig vaccine proved effective in preventing a fatal brain disease. Story

ImmunoCellular Therapeutics says its dendritic cell-based vaccination with cancer stem cells demonstrated a statistically significant survival benefit in a preclinical animal model of glioblastoma. Release

Nabi Pharmaceuticals says that it has closed its $500 million license and option deal with Glaxo covering NicVax. Story