Poland finds vindication in unused vax stockpiles; New study backs vaccine adjuvant;

Swine Flu

> While most countries scrambled to obtain stockpiles of swine flu vaccine, Poland refused to follow. The country rejected all the new vaccines, saying they hadn't been properly tested. Now the country says its choice was vindicated by the huge quantities of flu vaccine that went unused around the world. Story

> New York City spent $31 million on its swine flu campaign and wound up vaccinating only 200,000 residents at a cost of $155 each. Report

> H1N1 vaccine trials have begun in India. Story

> The staff at a Massachusetts school was mistakenly given shots of insulin rather than swine flu vaccine. The nurse who gave the shots was placed on leave. Report

Vaccine Market

> Sinovac Biotech plans to sell 8.7 million shares to fund its expansion. Report

Vaccine Research

> An FDA study demonstrates that the vaccine adjuvant MF59 can boost the body's ability to fight off a range of viruses. The Novartis adjuvant has been used in Europe for years but has yet to be made available in the U.S. Report

> GlaxoSmithKline is opening up its in-house R&D work involving more than two million molecules in hopes of spurring some fresh thinking on malaria vaccines. CEO Andrew Witty, who's been intent on burnishing the company's, says that the company has identified 13,500 compounds that show promise against malaria. And the Big Pharma exec says Glaxo will also donate all of its revenue from an experimental vaccine to help fund the fight against tropical diseases. Story

> ImmunoCellular Therapeutics is touting a new study that supports the potential of its lead cancer vaccine product candidate ICT-107. Release