Officials warn of pandemic as public loses interest

Top researchers and government officials met this week to sound the alarm, once again, over the threat of a possible bird flu pandemic. Unlike years past, though, they say that their message is largely being ignored. The public, they say, has lost interest in the story, even though the threat remains.

"In the assessment of WHO, we believe that the threat of pandemic influenza remains as high as ever," said Dr. Keiji Fukuda. Particularly alarming, he added, are signs that new cases are appearing in various areas in China. "And what that really tells us again is that the virus is really widespread in China."

The spread of the disease, they say, is indicative of the fact that not all birds are vaccinated and that different types of birds don't respond to the vaccine. On the bright side, though, is China's willingness to report new bird flu cases as they occur, rather than hide them.

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