Nuron buys Hib vaccine from Wyeth, plots relaunch

Exton, PA-based Nuron is paying an undisclosed sum to purchase Hib vaccine HibTITER from Pfizer's Wyeth unit. The vaccine was previously approved, but Wyeth stopped selling it several years ago after the company reassessed its portfolio. HibTITER helped reduce the incidence of Hib disease in children, Nuron said in a statement, and was among the first glycoconjugate technology vaccines for humans. Nuron execs see the vaccines as a "significant opportunity," and the company is in talks with the FDA to re-launch the shot.

"Nuron has a highly focused product portfolio, and, consequently, we can devote significant attention to educating the medical and regulatory community on the value of this vaccine," explained CEO Shankar Musunuri. "We know the medical milestones achieved with HibTITER and recognize both the medical need and relevance of this vaccine in the U.S. and markets around the world." HibTITER is Nuron's only vaccine candidate.

- here's Nuron's release