NIAID backs Emergent work; Antigenics reports a loss;

Vaccine Research

The NIAID has provided $4.5 million in research grants to Emergent BioSolutions for its work on vaccines for botulism and anthrax. Report

Scientists hope a vaccine is on the horizon for tularemia, a fatal disease caused by the pathogen Francisella tularensis, an organism of concern as a potential biological warfare agent. Release

Avantogen has been moving to acquire a majority of Hawaii Biotech, attracted by approaching Phase I trials for new West Nile disease and dengue fever vaccines. Report

Medical Marketing International has raised £1 million to fund research on a cancer vaccine and other work. Story

Vaccine market

Antigenics, which is marketing the cancer vaccine Oncophage in Russia, reported a net loss of $12.2 million in the last quarter. Release

Scotland has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the new vaccine for cervical cancer. Story

Physicians in Florida are reporting a spike in the number of whooping cough cases. Story

UK officials say they have had to destroy almost half a million doses of vaccine which had expired. Report

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