New chlamydia vaccine being tested; Biowest wins $1.6 million;

Vaccine Research

BigDNA is conducting animal tests on a new vaccine to prevent Chlamydia. Report

Biovest International has won $1.6 million in funding from the defense department's cancer immunotherapy and cell therapy initiative. Release l Story

The University of Hong Kong has won a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation to do work on an AIDS vaccine. Report

France's ERYtech Pharma says it will present very promising results from its original approach on antitumor vaccination at the 6th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium to be held in New York from October 28-30, 2008. Release

Vaccine Market

A U.S. government panel is urging all smokers under the age of 65 to get a pneumococcal vaccine shot. Smokers are four times more likely to get pneumoccal disease. Report

Antigenics is asking for European marketing approval of Oncophage, the kidney cancer vaccine that is currently being sold in Russia. Release l Story

A new report says that twenty five percent of teen girls in the U.S. have taken at least the first dose of the HPV vaccine. Report

Experts say that delaying the diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough for infants could dramatically reduce the risk of asthma. Report