NanoBio releases RSV vaccine results; Namibia returns Cuban vaccine doses;

Vaccine Research

NanoBio released results from a mouse study of its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine, which provided good immunity in the mice candidates without developing RSV. The vaccine is administered intranasally. NanoBio release

Researchers in Iran have developed a nano-vaccine for Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease that affects 12 million people worldwide annually, according to the WHO. Item

Immune Response Biopharma has found that women taking estrogen have seen increased efficacy of the MS vaccine NeuroVax. IRBP release

Vaccine Market

Namibia will return $2.5 million worth of Cuban-made vaccines to Cuba after realizing the Heberpenta vaccine doses were not on the WHO's pre-qualified medicine list. The country was attempting to add Cuba to its vaccine suppliers as part of a diversification effort. News

Medicago has received the Frost & Sullivan's Enabling Technology of the Year award for its plant-based virus-like particle vaccine platform. Medicago release

And Finally... An uptick in narcolepsy cases in China has caused many researchers to wonder whether the cases are related to H1N1 flu infections, or the vaccine that should prevent it. Piece | Article