Mass vax campaign triggers mass confusion

For several months now one of the big concerns surrounding the mass swine flu vaccination campaign looming in the U.S. has centered on the huge numbers of people who plan to steer clear of any new vaccine. But with the shots now on the way, a number of physicians are now beginning to wonder if they'll be able to handle the demand--or figure out how to answer all the questions they're getting.

Pediatricians tell the New York Times that they've been left out of the loop, unaware of exactly how the campaign is supposed to work and uncertain of how to answer the parents who want to schedule a vaccination. A blizzard of anxious queries from worried parents has buried some physicians, and at least a few are planning to hire temp nurses just to handle the inoculations. But many don't have any idea when they'll get the vaccine--and ERs are starting to get swamped with patients. Public hospitals are equally clueless.

"We are prepared to provide access to the H1N1 vaccine," said Ana Marengo, a spokeswoman for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, "and the piece of information still missing is knowing when it will be available and how much everyone will get."  

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