Manufacturers jump the gun on seasonal vax deliveries

Spurred by the sudden clamor for a huge supply of swine flu vaccine, the world's leading vax manufacturers have started shipping supplies of seasonal flu vaccine weeks ahead of schedule. Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi all say that the demand for seasonal flu vaccine is likely to be high this fall as the H1N1 pandemic puts the spotlight on protective jabs.

With orders for seasonal and swine flu vaccine rolling in, Sanofi Pasteur was able to get a new plant opened in Swiftwater, PA, and delayed a planned renovation of its older plant in order to meet demand. A company spokesman says that both plants have been working around the clock seven days a week.

Health experts say that there should be an ample supply of seasonal flu vaccine this fall, though supplies have reportedly been tightening as major manufacturers close the window on new orders.

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