BN will use its proprietary MVA-BN platform to develop a vaccine against three strains of the potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus.

Three people injected with an unauthorized herpes vaccine by a Southern Illinois University researcher have filed suit against his company.

Sanofi will meet with the FDA within two months and decide whether to file an application for the controversial dengue vaccine afterward.

Here's some other vaccine news of note for the week.

Vaccine candidates developed from Prokarium's platform are given by mouth and can withstand high temperature for weeks.

The loan and the $192 million cash left at the end of 2017 will support a Heplisav-B sales team and the clinical trials of SD-101.

Vaccine protection against H3N2 viruses—the predominant strain that tends to cause more severe illness—was only 25% this year.

The two new grants will support development of universal flu and malaria vaccines leveraging CureVac’s RNActive mRNA-based platform.