Dubbed 2017 H7N9 IIV, the vaccine contains an inactivated H7N9 virus collected in 2017.

Novavax may be years away from a potential approval of its RSV vaccine, but executives aren't waiting to prepare for a possible rollout.

Three people injected with an unauthorized herpes vaccine by a Southern Illinois University researcher have filed suit against his company.

It's believed that SK Chemicals is stealing shingles vaccine share from Zostavax by undercutting the pharma giant's price.

Here's some other vaccine news of note for the week.

Moderna has several vaccines in phase 1 development, including against CMV, HMPV/PIV3, influenza, Zika and chikungunya.

The public-private vaccine coalition will support Themis' development of Lassa fever and MERS vaccines through phase 2.

Vaccine candidates developed from Prokarium's platform are given by mouth and can withstand high temperature for weeks.