Heplisav misses four week data, but hits 8 weeks; Aeras and China work together on TB;

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While Dynavax's heplisav vaccine didn't hit criteria at four weeks after vaccination, it did hit all other time points, including the 8-week criteria.

According to a study from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, flu immunity may be passed on to newborns from their mothers. The study showed that infants whose mothers received the flu vaccine while pregnant were 50% less likely to be hospitalized for influenza. Story

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Rockville, MD-based Aeras and the China National Biotech Group will work together to create tuberculosis vaccines for China and other parts of the world, thanks to a memorandum of understanding signed this week. Aeras release

Scientists are lobbying the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority for fast-track status for the equine Hendra vaccine. The virus has experienced an outbreak in the country where humans have developed the illness after contact with infected horses. The vaccine originates in bats. News

A paper in The Lancet noted that vaccine fears are becoming more widespread throughout the world, particularly in areas where the innoculations are needed most. Item