Enrollment begins in ND for Merck Ebola vaccine; False vaccination certificates cheaper in Sudan than yellow fever vaccines;

> Sanford Health is enrolling volunteers in Fargo and Sioux Falls, ND, for a study of Merck's Ebola jab. More

> It costs $25 for a yellow fever vaccine in Sudan. But some black market vendors are selling fake vaccine certificates for just $8. Report

> A British man who had been vaccinated for polio has an immune disorder that caused the weakened virus from the vaccine to survive in his body. He has been shedding the virus in his stools for as long as 28 years. Article

> While the federal government told the University of Wisconsin's Yoshihiro Kawaoka to halt experiments that created flu, SARS and MERS viruses for vaccines, his research, published in Nature Communications on Wednesday, outlines a new way to develop flu vaccines. Story

And Finally... Chlamydia-infected koalas may be the key for a human chlamydia vaccine. Up to 70% of them are suspected to be infected, and scientists from two universities in Queensland are studying how the infection damages sperm DNA in male marsupials. Read more

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