Crucell merger nixed by Pfizer deal; virus linked to obesity;

Vaccine Market

Pfizer's decision to acquire Wyeth scuttled talked of a Wyeth/Crucell merger. Story

Roland Cape has resigned his position as chairman of Neugenesis, which has been advancing new ways to develop flu vaccines. Report

Indonesia's PT Bio Farma says it will start marketing a seasonal flu vaccine after successfully completing a set of clinical trials. This is the country's first domestically developed flu vaccine. Report

Vaccine research

New evidence linking the adenovirus AD-36 to obesity has surfaced, suggesting that a vaccine could be used to guard against fat. Report

Scientists at the University of South Australia are developing a vaccine to fight cancer-causing viruses. "If we can eliminate those infections, there's a real possibility of cutting the incidence of cancer by a fifth and obviously that's a huge leap forward," says Dr. John Hayball. Story

The genetic code of a drug-resistant strain of C diff is being blueprinted by researchers hoping to pave the way to a better vaccine as well as new tests. Report

DelSite Biotechnologies has received a green light from the FDA for a Phase I trial of GelVac nasal powder H5N1 influenza vaccine. Report

A team of researchers at Baylor College of Medicine will work with the Houston Zoo to develop a vaccine to guard against the herpes virus that killed six elephants and threatens animals in zoos around the world. Story

Tangshan Yian Biological Engineering has obtained approval from China's Ministry of Agriculture to conduct field trials of its internally developed inactivated animal rabies vaccine with independent intellectual property rights. Release