Critics castigate Gastes Foundation on policy demands; India launches native H1N1 vaccines;

Vaccine Research

While the Gates Foundation has been widely lauded for its work on a wide range of initiatives, including financing research on new vaccines to guard against common killers in developing nations, some critics have emerged to caution against the foundation's demands to "toe the line" on its position in policy debates. Story

The AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta has received approval to begin enrollment of the first therapeutic trial ever conducted using an HIV vaccine candidate from GeoVax. Release

Protea Vaccine Technologies has received a fresh injection of royalties from GlaxoSmithKline. The two companies are developing pneumococcal proteins for the development of a universal protein-based Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine. Story


A year after the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic India is launching four locally made jabs to guard against the H1N1 virus. Report

A new study in the UK concludes that children inoculated against swine flu received good protection from the new vaccines made to combat the pandemic. Story

Vaccine Market

A large number of pharmacists in Australia are complaining that doctors in their areas are taking free supplies of flu vaccine and then selling them to patients. Story

California health officials have been raising an alarm over the growing incidence of whooping cough. The disease was almost eliminated in the mid-70s but now a growing number of people in the U.S. have not been vaccinated against it. Report