Cost of H7N9 outbreak tops $6.5B; Sanofi's Indian vaccine biz preps for WHO visit;

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> The United Nations reports the H7N9 bird flu outbreak has cost $6.5 billion so far. Item

> Sanofi-owned Shantha Biotech is readying its 5-in-1 vaccines for re-inspection by the WHO. News

> Low vaccination rates in Ukraine could allow polio to re-enter Europe. Feature

> A TEDGlobal presentation has talked up the potential of a needle-free vaccine patch. Article

> Immunomic Therapeutics has raised $3 million to develop a Japanese red cedar allergy vaccine. Piece

> A study has found no evidence the MMR vaccine worsens juvenile arthritis. Study

> Brazil is to produce a H1N1 vaccine. Item

> Iran has reportedly succeeded in producing a vaccine for foot and mouth disease. News

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