Cipla announces a distribution agreement with Serum Institute of India for affordable paediatric vaccines in Europe

Mumbai, India (ots/PRNewswire) - Cipla Europe NV ("Cipla"), a global pharmaceutical company is delighted to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with Serum Institute of India Ltd. (SII) - a global leader in the production of vaccines. Under the agreement, SII will develop and manufacture paediatric vaccines, Cipla will seek European Medicines Agency approval and market the products in Europe. This collaboration with SII enables Cipla to enter into the vaccines segment, continuing our commitment to inclusive healthcare for the world. The vaccines will be manufactured in Serum's world class production facilities approved by WHO.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Subhanu Saxena, MD & Global CEO, Cipla Limited said: "We are proud to have entered into a strategic Europe-specific partnership with Serum Institute of India. This collaboration is aligned with our commitment to access to affordable paediatric healthcare. Both Cipla and SII share the same core values such as self-sufficiency, affordability, accessibility, quality and commitment to global health. Through this partnership, we look forward to contribute in eradication of childhood diseases."
Mr. Adar Poonawalla, CEO and Executive Director, SII said: "Serum Institute believes that this tie-up with Cipla is a perfect platform for making vaccines available for Europeans as Serum also shares the common philosophy of Cipla of making vaccines/pharmaceutical products available at the most affordable prices. Therefore as the two companies are aligned in many ways, we feel this will be a good partnership."
Mr. Frank Pieters, Head of Europe, Cipla said: "We are focussed on offering a new pharma concept built on layers of value such as newer products, concepts, formats, information and services to help healthcare providers across Europe. We see vaccines as one of the critical components of our offering to European patients. With Cipla's front-end presence and with the support of a dedicated sales force, we will broaden the reach of vaccines across Europe."
Mr. Michel Baijot, Head of Vaccines, Cipla said: "This is an alliance of two leaders in their respective fields to focus their efforts on alternate solutions for healthcare authorities in Europe on immunisation programs."
Over the last 6 months, Cipla has strengthened its foundation in Europe. The company has launched respiratory products such as Salmeterol/Fluticasone in Germany and Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. In July, Cipla has signed an exclusive partnership with BioQuiddity to market OneDoseReadyfusOR[TM]in regional anesthetic applications for post-surgical pain management.
About Cipla Limited, India
Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company which uses cutting edge technology and innovation to meet the everyday needs of all patients. For more than 70 years, Cipla has emerged as one of the most respected pharmaceutical names in India as well as across more than 150 countries. Our portfolio includes over 1500 products in various therapeutic categories with one quality standard globally. Cipla's turnover in 2013/14 was 1.7 billion USD.
Whilst delivering a long-term sustainable business, Cipla recognises its duty to provide affordable medicines. Cipla's emphasis on access for patients was recognized globally for the pioneering role played in HIV/AIDS treatment as the first pharmaceutical company to provide a triple combination anti-retroviral (ARV) in Africa at less than one dollar a day and thereby treating many millions of patients since 2001.
Cipla's research and development focuses on developing innovative products and drug delivery systems and has given India and the world many 'firsts' for instance Triomune. In a tightly regulated environment, the company's manufacturing facilities have approvals from all the main regulators including USFDA, UKMHRA, WHO, MCC, ANVISA, and PMDA which means the company provides one universal standard both domestically and internationally.
About Cipla Europe NV
Cipla Europe NV is a 100% subsidiary of Cipla Limited, India.
About Serum Institute of India Private Limited (SII)
Serum Institute of India Ltd. is the world's second largest vaccine manufacturer in number of doses manufactured and supplied to more than 140 countries. The vaccines include Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib, BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Meningitis A, Influenza and Polio vaccines.
One of every two children born in the world receive a vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute.
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