China prepares mass measles vax campaign; Researchers explore "fusion strategy" for E. coli vaccines;

Vaccine Market

With an eye toward eliminating measles as a threat, China is preparing to vaccinate 100 million children later this month. Health officials in the country say it will be the fourth infection to be targeted by a nationwide campaign. Story

With its smoking cessation drug NicVAX in two late-stage trials, Nabi Pharmaceuticals says that it has lined up Dyosynth RTP to manufacture a key ingredient for commercial supplies of the vaccine. Report

Xcellerex is providing bioreactors to Project GreenVax, a new initiative to develop vaccines from tobacco plants. Report

The FDA says that it is considering Sanofi Pasteur's application to expand the age group allowed to be vaccinated with Menactra to prevent meningococcal disease. The giant vaccine company has applied to offer the jab to infants and toddlers. Story

Vaccine Research

South Dakota State University researchers are exploring a "fusion strategy" for making improved vaccines to protect pigs and humans against some strains of E. coli. Release

HIV-infected children receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy may require revaccination to maintain immunity against preventable diseases. Release

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